WASH Climate Resilience

Download Strategic Framework

In 2018, GWP and UNICEF launched a dedicated website for the Strategic Framework for WASH Climate Resilience, together with a range of other knowledge products that support the implementation of the Framework.  All materials are available on the website.

Mapping What We Do

GWP Water Governance Results

The GWP network delivers results and we feature an online, interactive map showing how GWP has contributed to improving water resources management over the years, worldwide. You can use several filters to see the results according to different categories.

Now launched

Water ChangeMakers Awards

The GWP Water ChangeMaker Awards initiative was launched on World Water Day 2020. The 2020 theme for the ChangeMaker Awards is “Building climate resilience by changing water decisions,” aligning with the World Water Day theme of “Water and Climate Change.” Submissions begin on 6 April.