GWP Strategy 2020-2025

GWP has launched its new Strategy for 2020-2025 - Mobilising for a Water Secure World. The Strategy, and a Summary of its main points, is available to download along with the other GWP Strategy Documents. Throughout the 2019 autumn, the Strategy is being launched at different events in all GWP regions.

Mapping What We Do

GWP Water Governance Results

The GWP network delivers results and we feature an online, interactive map showing how GWP has contributed to improving water resources management over the years, worldwide. You can use several filters to see the results according to different categories.

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GWP Publications

If you would like hard copies of any of GWP's publications, a selection of these are available in the GWP web shop. You can browse by different types of publications, and order them online - all free of charge. For all other publications, please browse our Knowledge Search.