GWPEA Supported IWRM Training Workshops in Ethiopia and Sudan

Since its establishment in 2003, GWPEA has strived to promote the knowledge and application of IWRM as a proven approach to manage water security and resilience to climate change

From 4-22 December 2017, GWP Eastern Africa in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the Water and Land Resource(WLRC) and the Ethiopian Water Partnership organized a workshop on Integrated Water Resources, Principles and Practices, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The workshop was aimed at building the capacity of 30 river basin staff members, especially new entrants to contribute towards the enhanced water resource management performance in river basin.

 The training was facilitated by experts from the WLRC as well as a consultant provided by GWPEA, Dr Callist Tindimugaya. It covered the following topics:

  • Water resource management opportunities, issues, policies and regulations under Ethiopian context;
  • Roles and responsibilities of river basin organization, and identify their role in the organization;  
  • Principles of IWRM and its integration towards the SDG(Sustainable Development Goals), GTP(Growth and Transformation Plan), CRGE(Climate Resilient Green Economy), Vision 2030;
  • Basin situation assessment and appraise the overall situation of their river basin;
  • Preparation of river basin strategic plans and their monitoring and evaluation

A mid-career training approach was employed in delivering the training and effort were made for participants to use the basin information system relevant to the specific basin where they supposed to be stewards

Progress on participants’ participation was assessed based on (1) class or group participation (2) attendance and (3) the compiled Water Resource Management Plan. As a result, reports for the respective basins were developed collaboratively but submitted individually. Groups and projects were designed in such a way that all the core function of the river basin organization were fully understood.

 In the same effort of promoting IWRM in the region, GWPEA supported another training workshop in Sudan from 23-25 December 2017. The 3-days training workshop on "Integrated Water Resources Management - IWRM" was organized in collaboration with the Hydraulics Research Center (HRC) of the Ministry of Water Resources, Irrigation and Electricity (MWRIE). The workshop was held at the HRC conference hall at Wad Madani, the capital town of Gezira State. Experts and professionals from different Government institutions participated in the workshop.

 The workshop was officially opened by Prof. Seifeldin H. Abdalla, Chair of the Water Resources Technical Organ (WRTO) of MWRIE and Chair of SWaP, after the welcoming speeches delivered by him and the deputy director HRC. Then after, Eng.Ammar Abbker Abdalla, the National Coordinator of SWaP, briefly explained the role and the different activities of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) towards speeding the implementation of the IWRM approach. Within the context of the IWRM, eight papers were presented and thoroughly discussed among the participants during the workshop different sessions.

After discussions, participants agreed that there is a real need for the implementation of IWRM at all levels and the capacity building and awareness raising which will play a significant role in pushing the implementation process forward.

 It is also worth mentioning that parallel to the workshop, an evening lecture on the impacts of the GERD(Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) on the downstream water resources and hydrology of the Blue Nile, was delivered by Prof. Seifeldin H. Abdalla at the Engineers House (Professional Branch Union of Gezira State Engineers) and it was attended by wide spectrum of professionals and national press representatives.