It’s time to find out who are the Water ChangeMakers from across the globe!

We thank you for your patience and to all those who submitted their change journeys. There were so many amazing stories that we needed to take our time to go through them. Listed below are all the eligible submissions that will move forward to the first stage Technical Jury. Don’t worry we will reveal more details on these stories in the coming weeks so please stay tuned to find out more.

Do you see any ChangeMakers in your country? They are listed by country in alphabetic order from where the organisation is based.

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  • Luanda Gravitica Project, Reformulation of provincial water supply systems. Empresa Pública de Águas, EPAL-E.P., Angola


  • Tras la Sombra de Grandes Humedales: La valorización de pequeñas lagunas subtropicales. Centro de Ecología Aplicada del Litoral -CONICET, UNNE. Argentina (Behind the shadow of large wetlands: The enhancement of small subtropical lagoons. Center of Applied Ecology of the Littoral – CONICET, Argentina)

  • Reúso de Efluentes Industriales y su Transformación en Agua para uso General. Fluence Argentina S.A. Argentina. (Reuse of Industrial Effluents and their Transformation into Water for General Use. Fluence Argentina S.A.)

  • Una experiencia multiplicadora. Fundación Las Gracias, Argentina. (A multiplying experience. Las Gracias Foundation, Argentina)
  • El Hombre es Agua. Asociación Civil Red Argentina de Estudios e Investigaciones en Derechos Humanos y Humanitario, Argentina (Man is Water. Civil Association of the Argentine Network of Studies and Research on Human and Humanitarian Rights, Argentina)


  • A story about: How young people from Noah's Country were able to make water available to a small rural community or how drainage nets can transform our life. Youth branch of Country Water Partnership-Armenia

  • Let's Drink Efficiently. ByoorAkn Team. Armenia
  • SelfWaterGovernance Index (SWG Index). All Rights Foundation, Armenia

  • AWRC. Armenian Water Research Center NGO, Armenia 


  • *The Resilient Rivers Blueprint - Rivers for Future Generations. International River Foundation, Australia


  • The Joint Danube Survey. International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine

  • Living Danube Partnership - A Public-Private-Civil Society Partnership for Danube wetlands. WWF Central and Eastern Europe (WWF-CEE), Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia
  • Danube Habitat Corridor - Bridging the Danube Protected Areas. DANUBEPARKS – Danube River Network of Protected Areas – (Das Netzwerk der Donauschutzgebiete), Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia

  • The Faecal Sludge Field Laboratory – Enabling Informed Decision-making for Environmental Protection and Public Health. Austrian Red Cross – (Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz), Austria 


  • Regulation of Water Use Considering the Flow Required for Ecosystem. Verdiyev Rafig, Azerbaijan.



  • Don’t Waste Water Challenge. Global Youth Parliament (Bangladesh Chapter), Armenia, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bhutan, Botswana, Brazil, Dominica, Egypt, Gambia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Kenya, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Philippines, Saint Lucia, Tanzania, Turkey, Zambia

  • Co2 reduction and safe drinking water in Bangladesh project. Voice Of South Bangladesh (VoSB), Bangladesh
  • *Life-Water and Health. Social Economic Development Society (SEDS), Bangladesh

  • Youth for Water and Climate initiative bring policy change and community engagment to reduce water crisis. YouthNet for Climate Justice, Bangladesh

  • Water resources optimization for climate resilience in southwest Bangladesh. LEDARS (Local Environment Development and Agricultural Research Society), Bangladesh
  • Mothers parliaments advocate for climate resilient WASH facilities. HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, Bangladesh

  • Empowering Young Women through Rainwater Harvesting for Homestead Eco-Farming, Drinking Water Supply & Generate Entrepreneurship. Bangladesh Water Partnership, Bangladesh
  • Innovative tool for Riverbank erosion prediction to safeguarding people against natural disaster. Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS), Bangladesh


  • Адаптация водных ресурсов Беларуси к изменению климата с учетом прогноза изменения речного стока. Центральный научно-исследовательский институт комплексного использования водных ресурсов, Belarus. (Adaptation of Water Resources of Belarus to Climate Change, Taking into Account the Forecast of Changes in River Flow. Central Research Institute for the Integrated Use of Water Resources, Belarus)


  • Hidrodoe stands up for the climate. Are you joining us?. Hidrodoe, Belgium


  • Protection Des Écosystèmes Aquatique: Gestion Durable Des Plantes Proliférantes Cas De La Jacinthe D’eau. JEVEV - Jeunesse et Emplois Verts pour une Economie Verte, Benin, Réunion (Protection Of Aquatic Ecosystems: Sustainable Management of Proliferant Plants Case Of Water Hyacinth. JEVEV - Youth and Green Jobs for a Green Economy, Benin, Reunion)
  • Adaptation des communautés lacustres a l'invasion de la jacinthe d'eau. ONG Jeunesse et Emplois Verts Pour Une Economire Verte, Benin. (Adaptation of Lake Communities to the Invasion of the Water Hyacinth. Youth and Green Jobs NGO for A Green Economy, Benin)

  • Restauration de l’écosystème d’une Tête de Bassin Versant de la rivière Mékrou au Bénin. Partenariat National de l'Eau (PNE-Bénin), Benin. (Restoration of the Ecosystem of a Watershed Head of the Mékrou River in Benin. National Water Partnership (PNE-Benin), Benin)

  • Water Warrior. Réseau Béninois du Parlement Mondial de la Jeunesse pour l'Eau, Benin. (Water Warrior. Beninese Network of the World Youth Parliament for Water, Benin)


  • Building Low-Cost Climate-Resilient Agriculture Technology to Address Water Scarcity Through Water Resource Management. Bhutan Water Partnership, Bhutan
  • Working Towards a Cleaner Chubachu Stream. Royal Society for Protection of Nature (RSPN), Bhutan


  • Agua e Hidroenergía conducen a un desarrollo autosustentable en comunidad Indígena Sarayoj. ONG PRODENER - Centro Integral ddel Desarrollo de la Energías Alternativas y de la Producción, Bolivia. (Water and Hydropower Lead to Self-Sustainable Development in the Sarayoj Indigenous Community. NGO PRODENER - Integral Center for the Development of Alternative Energies and Production, Bolivia)
  • *Watershared Bank: Para financiar la conservación de las fábricas de agua de los Andes Tropicales. Fundacion Natura Bolivia, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador. (Watershared Bank: To Finance the Conservation of the Water Factories of the Tropical Andes. Natura Bolivia Foundation, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador)


  • “Our Guarapiranga” – “Ecobarriers”, Technology and Partnership for Water Quality in a Supply Urban Reservoir. Southwest Metropolitan Water Resources Division (MARS) of SABESP Basic Sanitation Company of the State of São Paulo Brazil, Brazil
  • Contaminated Plastic Packaging Recycling Without Using Water, Without Producing Waste and With High C02 Reduction. Eco Panplas, Brazil

  • Crisis Rooms - Participation and Transparency in Brazil’s Water Crises Management. Brazil National Water Agency, Brazil
  • Water Producer Project in the Pipiripau Watershed: Building Resilience in a Water-Conflict Area in Brazil. Regulatory Agency for Water, Energy and Basic Sanitation of the Federal District – Adasa, Brazil

  • Atlantic Forest Experimental Center – SOS Mata Atlântica. HEINEKEN Brasil, Brazil

  • Brazil Drought Monitor – raising awareness, building capacity, increasing preparedness. Brazil National Water Agency, Brazil

  • Free Water For The World 24/7. Hidro Metalurgica ZM Ltda, Multiple Countries
  • Terra de Vidas - Reutilización de aguas grises para la implementación de sistemas agroforestales. Centro de Desenvolvimento Agroecológico Sabiá, Brazil. Terra de Vidas - Reuse of Gray Water for the Implementation of Agroforestry Systems. Sabiá Agroecological Development Center, Brazil)


  • Save our Rivers. Balkanka Association, Sofia, Bulgaria 

Burkina Faso

  • Adaptation du souchet sphérique de 1200 à 600 mm d’eau par an d’eau du Burkina Faso. Research and Endogenous Education / Lougri and Ganhda (REE /LG), Burkina Faso. (Adaptation of the Spherical Tigernut from 1200 to 600 mm of Water Per Year of Burkina Faso Water. Research and Endogenous Education / Lougri and Ganhda (REE /LG), Burkina Faso)


  • Ecologically Sustainable Management of Water Resources. ESMWR for Ecologically Sustainable Management of Water Resources, Burundi



  • Strengthening Resilience to Climate Change and Development of Sahel communities in Cameroon through groundwater defluorination. Institute for Geological and Mining Research (IRGM), Cameroon
  • Etat des lieux , réhabilitation et maintenance des cours d'eau dans la commune d'arrondissement Yaoundé1. Centre d'Étude et Réalisation en Environnement, Eau et Assainissement - CER2EA, Cameroon (Inventory, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Watercourses in the Yaoundé 1 District. Municipality, Environment, Water and Sanitation Study and Realization Center - CER2EA, Cameroon)

  • Caravane ECOPLUS sur l'Eau et les Inondations, Association Camerounaise pour le Développement, l’Entraide Sociale et la Protection de l’Environnement -ACDESPE, Cameroon (ECOPLUS Water and Flood Caravan, Cameroonian Association for Development, Social Assistance and Protection of the Environment – ACDESPE, Cameroon)


  • *Protecting Agricultural Soils and Adjacent Water from Phosphates Pollution. Camden Loche Inc., Canada

  • Vancouver’s Rain City Strategy:Transitioning to a Water-Sensitive and Climate Resilient City. City of Vancouver, Canada

  • Transitioning Oil & Gas Producers from Freshwater to Recycled Water. Integrated Sustainability, Canada and United States
  • DataStream: Towards an Open and Collaborative Freshwater Future. The Gordon Foundation, Canada

  • Indigenous communities leading water resilience in the Andes. International Secretariat for Water, Peru

  • Eau Canada! - Proposition d'Une Stratégie Nationale des Eaux au Canada. Conseil Jeunesse du Premier Ministre, Canada. (Water Canada! - Proposal for a National Water Strategy in Canada. Youth Council of the Prime Minister, Canada)


  • * HidroSinergia. HidroSinergia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Netherlands 
  • Un Alto en el Desierto. Fundación Un Alto en el Desierto – FUAD, Chile (A Stop in the Desert. Un Alto en el Desierto Foundation, Chile)

  • *Mejores flores con Menos Agua. Efiagua, Chile. (Better Flowers with Less Water. Efiagua, Chile)

  • Una nueva Gestión y Regulación de las Aguas en Chile con Enfoque en los Derechos Humanos. Fundación Newenko, Chile. (A new Management and Regulation of Waters in Chile with a Focus on Human Rights. Newenko Foundation, Chile)


  • The Effect of the Off-office Audit of Natural Resources Assets on Water Pollution. School of Economics, Fujian Normal University, China

  • BE_RICH: Basin Enhanced RIver CHief System for win-win of Ecology and Economy in Yangtze River. Changjiang River Scientific Research Institute of Changjiang Water Resources Commission, China.

  • Underground Wastewater Treatment Plan (WWTP) helps Cities and Towns to Build a Green Future. China Water Environment Group Limited, China.

  • Aquabob’s Journey to Save Fresh Water. Jiangxi Provincial Institute of Water Sciences, China

  • *The Relationship between Water and our Future. Baiheliang Underwater Museum, China

  • Plan of Water Eco-civilization Construction in Wuhan. General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design, Ministry of Water Resources Water Governance Planning Team of Ecological Civilization Construction, China.

  • *Planning for Water Ecological Civilization Construction in Guiyang. General Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Planning and Design, Ministry of Water Resources (GIWP) Water Governance Planning team for Ecological Civilization Construction, China 
  • 水源地规划决策管理云计算平台 FSOS-w. 南京加林系统工程技术有限公司, 加拿大 , 中国 (Water source planning and decision management cloud computing platform FSOS-w. Nanjing Jialin System Engineering Technology Co., China and Canada)

  • 基于大数据水资源利用对环境影. 安徽水利水电职业技术学院, 中国. (The impact of water resources utilization on the environment based on big data. Anhui Technical College of Water Resources and Hydropower, China)

  • 给大石山区人民带来幸福水资. 广西芸耕科技有限公司, 中国 (Bring happiness and water resources to the people of Dashishan District. Guangxi Yungeng Technology Co., Ltd., China)

  • 2020 世界水日联合活动—“知水懂水放心饮水线上科普活动. E20 供水研究中心, 中国 (2020 World Water Day joint event- "Knowing water, drinking water with confidence" online science popularization event. E20 Water Supply Research Center, China)

  • 净化污水排放不达标的解决方. 洑水创新团队, 中国 (Solutions for substandard wastewater discharge. Weishui Innovation Team, China)

  • 一提一补管理节水改. 衡水惠民水务服务有限公司, 中国 (One mention, One supplement Water- Saving Management Reform. Hengshui Huimin Water Service Co., Ltd., China)

  • 一征一保管理节水改. 河北省衡水市枣强县肖张镇前河西村用水户协会, 中国 (Water-Saving management reform with one collection and one guarantee. Water Users Association of Qianhexi Village, Xiaozhang Town, Zaoqiang County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China)

  • 河道、湖泊水体治理新技. 北京贝特斯联合科技有限公司, 中国 (New Technology for River and Lake Water Treatment. Beijing Betters United Technology Co., Ltd., China)

  • 一种智能化多功能水污染治理. 北京贝特斯联合科技有限公司, 中国 (An Intelligent Multifunctional Water Pollution-control Ship. Beijing Betters United Technology Co., Ltd., China)

  • Straw, Garlic and Silage: Practices Coping with Climate Change from Villages in Yunnan Province. China Association for the Promotion of the People, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
  • 门集美分布式污水处理建设实. 中联环股份有限公司, 中国 (Xiamen Jimei Distributed Wastewater Treatment Construction Practice. Zhonglianhuan Co., Ltd., China)

  • *藻类在线监测服务流域水源地管. 太湖流域水文水资源监测中心, 中国 (Algae Online Monitoring Service for Watershed Management. Taihu Lake Basin Hydrology and Water Resources Monitoring Center, China)

  • 用膜技术颠覆中国水处理模式. 北京碧水源科技股份有限公司, 中国 (Subvert China's Water Treatment Model with Membrane Technology. Beijing Bishuiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., China)

  • *创新膜技术,增加水资源, 北京碧水源科技股份有限公司, 中国 (Innovative membrane technology to increase water resources, Beijing Bishuiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., China)
  • 联动革新助力护河治水专业, 深圳市志愿者河长联合会, 中国 (Linkage Innovation, Helping the Specialization of River Protection and Water Control, Shenzhen Volunteers and River Chiefs Association, China)

  • 流域系统治理打造智慧健康坪山. 中国水利水电科学研究院, 中国 (Watershed system Governance to Create a Smart and Healthy Pingshan River. China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research, China)

  • Carry out publicity and education activities on the theme of water conservation in primary and secondary schools. Publicity and Education Center of Ministry of Water Resources, China


  • Leaving no One Behind: Living in Scarcity in of the Most Water-abundant Countries. Proyecto Lomitas, Colombia

  • Fortalecimiento de Capacidades Comunitarias de Excombatientes y Campesinos en torno al Agua y Emprendimientos Productivos. Grupo Gestor Comunitario del ETCR La Paz - apoyados por FAO Colombia, Colombia (Strengthening of Community Capacities of Ex-combatants and rural communities around Water and Productive Enterprises. Community Management Group of ETCR La Paz -supported by FAO Colombia, Colombia)

  • Desarrollo Sistema de Predicción de Sequías Asociadas al Fenómeno de ENOS, Mediante Inteligencia Artificial. IREHISA - Grupo de Investigación de los Recursos Hídricos y de Suelos, Colombia (Development of the Drought Prediction System Associated with the ENSO Phenomenon, Using Artificial Intelligence. IREHISA - Research Group on Water and Soil Resources, Colombia)

  • WomanWASH: Innovando y Transformando la Comunidad desde Adentro. Asociación Ambiental ECOLONIAS, Colombia (WomanWASH: Innovating and Transforming the Community from the Inside. ECOLONIAS Environmental Association, Colombia)

  • Integración de Instrumentos para Mejorar la Gestión Integral de Recursos: una Mirada a Colombia. Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia (Integration of Instruments to Improve Integrated Water Resource Management: A Look at Colombia. National University of Colombia, Colombia)

  • *Vivienda Sostenible Climáticamente y Psicología Ambiental Participativa en pro del Agua. URBAN GREEN S.AS, Colombia (Climatically Sustainable Housing and Participatory Environmental Psychology for Water. URBAN GREEN S.AS, Colombia)

  • Himno Colombiano Del Agua. Manuel Yesid Ochoa Ruiz, Colombia. (Colombian Anthem Of Water. Manuel Yesid Ochoa Ruiz, Colombia)

  • *Cosecha de Aguas Lluvias Y Reúso De Aguas Grises De La Ducha. EKO GROUP H2O and SAS, Colombia (Harvesting of Rainwater and Reuse of Gray Water from the Shower. EKO GROUP H2O and SAS, Colombia)

 Costa Rica

  • Promoting Climate-informed and Strategic Coordination of Community-based Water Organizations to Ensure Current and Future Water Supply. Communal Water League, Costa Rica

  • An Integrated Community and Ecosystem-based Approach for Guaranteeing Future Water Supply in Rural Communities of Bijagua. Administrative Association for Aqueducts and Sewers of Bijagua (ASADA Bijagua), Costa Rica

  • Formando Facilitadores Programa Municipal: Educación Ambiental, Protegiendo Nuestras Fuentes de Agua en Escenario de Cambio Climático. Universidad Técnica Nacional (UTN) y Universidad Nacional (UNA), Costa Rica (Training Municipal Program Facilitators: Environmental Education, Protecting Our Water Sources in a Climate Change Scenario. National Technical University (UTN) and National University (UNA), Costa Rica)

  • ACUALAB, ACUALAB, Costa Rica


  • Smart landscape 2050+: Solutions for Present and Future Generations.Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU Prague), Czechia


DR Congo

  • Josué ARUNA SEFU licencié en développement rural et master en gestion de l'eau et forêt. Congo Basin Conservation Society CBCS ONG Lead de la Societé Civile Environnementale au Sud-Kivu, DR Congo. (Josué Aruna Sefu Graduated in Rural Development and Master's Degree in Water and Forest Management. Congo Basin Conservation Society CBCS ONG Lead de la Societé Civile Environnementale au Sud-Kivu, DR Congo)

  • Chargé de l'organisation communautaire pour la gestion des bornes fontaines dans la cité d' Uvira, province du sud kivu. Action for Improvement of Food Child and Mother (AFICM), DR Congo. (DR Congo, Responsible for the Community Organization for the Management of Standpipes in the City of Uvira, Province of South Kivu. Action for Improvement of Food Child and Mother (AFICM), DR Congo)

  • A Water Resources Rich Basin Requiring Capacity Building. CB-HYDRONET (Congo Basin Network for Capacity Building in Water Resources), Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, DR Congo, Republic of the Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia

  • La jeunesse africaine en marche. Southern African youth network promoting water, food, energy and innovations, DR Congo. (African Youth on the March. Southern African Youth Network Promoting Water, Food, Energy and Innovations, DR Congo)

  • L'eau pour l'agriculture, l'eau pour l'énergie, l'eau pour le développement. SAYWIN DRC, DR Congo. (Water for Agriculture, Water for Energy, Water for Development. SAYWIN DRC, DR Congo)



  • Sistemas de Agua Resilientes en la Isla Santa Cruz- Galápagos. Empresa Pública Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado de Santa Cruz, Ecuador (Resilient Water Systems on the Santa Cruz-Galapagos Island. Municipal Company of Potable Water and Sewerage of Santa Cruz, Ecuador)

  • *Creación Fondo Comunitario del Agua a través del Financiamiento para Producción Agropecuaria. Hidrostrategias, Ecuador (Creation of the Community Water Fund through Financing for Agricultural Production. Hydrostrategies, Ecuador)

  • El Fondo de Páramos Tungurahua y Lucha Contra la Pobreza, Impulsado desde la Visión Indígena y Campesina de Tungurahua. Fondo de Páramos Tungurahua y Lucha contra la Pobreza -FMPLPT, Ecuador (The Fund of Páramos Tungurahua and the Fight Against Poverty, driven from the Indigenous and rural communities Vision of Tungurahua. Tungurahua Páramos Fund and the Fight against Poverty -FMPLPT, Ecuador)


  • Bank Filtration for Water Treatment and Climate Resilience: Application, Training, and Awareness.Suez Canal University, Egypt

El Salvador

  • Sistema de tratamiento de Aguas Residuales en Restaurante La Pampa Costa del Sol. Proyectos de Ingeniería Integral - Pro-Inter S.A, El Salvador (Wastewater treatment system in Restaurant La Pampa Costa del Sol. Integral Engineering Projects - Pro-Inter S.A, El Salvador)

  • Sumando Impactos por Los Cóbanos. Asociación Sumando Impactos, El Salvador (Adding Impacts for Los Cóbanos. Sumando Impactos Association, El Salvador)

  • Proyecto Cuna de la Paz: Iniciativa para la Sustentabilidad Hídrica. Fundación Salvadoreña de Desarrollo y Vivienda Mínima - FUNDASAL, El Salvador. (Cradle of Peace Project: Initiative for Water Sustainability. Salvadoran Foundation for Development and Minimum Housing - FUNDASAL, El Salvador)

  • Cosecha de Agua Lluvia con Participación de Mujeres. Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo – FUNDE, El Salvador (Rainwater Harvest with the Participation of Women. National Foundation for Development - FUNDE, El Salvador)


  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies from Agriculture and Water Sectors Perspective. Union of Ethiopian Women Charitable Associations (UEWCA) and Concern Worldwide Ethiopia (CWW), Ethiopia

  • Tana Integrated Water Shade Management Pilot Project. Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy, Ethiopia

  • Bringing Good Agriculture Practices & Innovations to Ethiopia. MetaMeta Ethiopia, Ethiopia and Turkey



  • Moving From Sparse Interest to Purposeful Cooperation Around a Shared Bi-National Aquifer, UNESCO, El Salvador, Honduras

  • To Deliver a Professional, Innovative and Sustainable Drinking Water Service in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa, UDUMA, Mali

  • The Mediterranean Youth for Water Network (MedYWat), Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), Algeria, Egypt, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey



  • Implementation of Simple Strategies to Improve Wellfield Management in Arid Regions: Wadi Al Arab Wellfield. Technical University of Munich (TUM), Jordan


  • Community-Led WASH Solutions; iWASH Africa Story.  iWASH Africa, Ghana 


  • Grenada Climate-Resilient Water Sector (G-CREWS) Project. National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), Grenada

  • NAWASA's Community Water Storage Project. National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA), Grenada 


  • Contaminants in Water/Nananomembranes for Wastewater Treatment. Kavic Engineering -Energy & Water Technologies – KAVIC; University of San Carlos of Guatemala – USAC; Guatemalan Association of Limnology and Lakes Management - AGUALIMNO. Guatemala

  • From the Waste to the Solution. INDEQUI-CrustaTec, Guatemala

  • Verde + Agua. Fundación para la Conservación del Agua en la Región Metropolitana de Guatemala- FUNCAGUA, Guatemala (Green + Water. Foundation for the Conservation of Water in the Metropolitan Region of Guatemala- FUNCAGUA, Guatemala)

  • Saneamiento sin Subsidio: Elemento de Mejora de la Calidad del Agua para Consumo en Guatemala. Water For People Guatemala, Guatemala. (Sanitation without Subsidy: Element for Improving the Quality of Water for Consumption in Guatemala. Water For People Guatemala, Guatemala)

  • Gestión Integrada de Recursos Hídricos y Fortalecimiento Institucional en la Cuenca del Río Naranjo. Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Cuenca del Río Naranjo - MANCUERNA, Guatemala (Integrated Management of Water Resources and Institutional Strengthening in the Naranjo River Basin. Community of Municipalities of the Naranjo River Basin - MANCUERNA, Guatemala)

  • Gestión Sostenible de los Ríos del Sur de Guatemala. Instituto Privado de Investigación sobre Cambio Climático - ICC, Guatemala. (Sustainable Management of the Rivers of Southern Guatemala. Private Institute for Research on Climate Change - ICC, Guatemala.)

  • Gestión Integrada de Recursos Hídricos una Alternativa de Sostenibilidad y Mitigación del Cambio Climático. Water for People, Guatemala. (Integrated Management of Water Resources an Alternative of Sustainability and Mitigation of Climate Change. Water for People, Guatemala)


  • Impact de la Savonnerie Alpha sur la Qualité des Eaux de Boissoin du quartier Sangoyah. ONG Femmes Leaders et Autonomes de Guinée – FELAG, Guinea (Impact of the Alpha soap factory on the Quality of Boissoin Waters in the Sangoyah district. NGO Women Leaders and Autonomous of Guinea - FELAG, Guinea)

  • Agrotourisme basé sur la gestion du systeme hydraulique autour de la Dame du Mont Loura. Association des Volotaires Guinéens pour l'Environnement, Guinea (Agritourism based on the management of the hydraulic system around the Lady of Mount Loura. Association of Guinean Volunteers for the Environment, Guinea)



  • Gobernanza Hidrica y Desarrollo Economico Territorial en sub-cuencas bajas de rios Goascoran y Nacaome. Fundacion de Desarrollo Economico Departemental Del Valle-ADED Valle ADED Valle-, Honduras. (Water Governance and Territorial Economic Development in the Lower Sub-Basins of the Goascoran and Nacaome Rivers. Valley ADED Economic Development Foundation, Honduras)

  • Gestion integral del recurso hídrico en Puerto Cortes. Municipalidad de Puerto Cortes, Honduras. (Comprehensive Management of Water Resources in Puerto Cortes. Municipality of Puerto Cortes, Honduras)

  • Fortalecimiento de la resiliencia en las comunidades a través de programas holísticos de ASH, incluyendo  protección de microcuencas. Water for People, Honduras. (Strengthening Resilience in Communities Through Holistic ASH Programs, Including Micro-Watershed Protection. Water for People, Honduras)


  • Blue and Green. Sustainable, Integrated and Climate Change Adapted Water Management. Middle Tisza District Water Directorate (KÖTIVIZIG), Hungary

  • LIFE-MICACC Project: Small Municipalities Catalysing Transformative Change Through Nature-Based Water Retention for Climate Adaptation. WWF World Wide Fund for Nature Hungary Foundation and the Team of the LIFE MICACC Project [WWF HU / MICACC TEAM], Hungary
  • Jó Balaton (Jó [yo:]  good in Hungarian) Concept, Which Unites Stakeholder Aims Into a Shared-Vision. Genaral Directorate of Water Management (OVF), Genaral Directorate of Water Management (OVF), Hungary



  • Geoengineering Irrigation Potential for Group of Marginal Farmers through tube wells.  Action for Food Production, India

  • Accelerated Remediation of Polluted Waterbodies leveraging Nano-Biotechnologies. J S Water Energy Life Co Pvt Ltd. India

  • Building Resilience and Managing Water Resources in Semi-arid Regions. S M Sehgal Foundation, India

  • Dhaarva. DEVRAM International, India

  • Svyam Bane Gopal. Svyam Bane Gopal, India

  • *Floating Islands - Restoring & Beautifying Waterbodies. Sustainable Water Technologies Pvt. Ltd, India

  • Water Sustainability Through Revival of Traditional Knowledge. Rajputana Society of Natural History, India

  • The Rainwater Project - A Social Enterprise to Achieve Water Self-Reliance through Sustainable Water Management Practices. The Rainwater Project, India

  • Project Asbah- Every Drop, A Promise. Project Asbah, India

  • Sustainable Mass Water Pumping Technology. Ankha Kaizen Technologies, India.

  • Sustainable Sanitation Solution for the Developing and the Developed Societies. Banka BioLoo Limited, India

  • Ecological Resilience for Water. Ananas Design, India

  • Traditional Livelihoods and Water Resilience: A Million Recharge Wells for Bengaluru. Biome Environmental Trust, India

  • Water as a Connector to Community Resilience. UDYAMA, India

  • Save the Wuzu (Ablution) Water. Centre for Human Rights & Social Welfare, India

  • Enhancing Livelihood Resilience of Tribal community through Integrated Watershed Development and Management in Sabarkantha district of Gujarat. Nehru Foundation for Development, India.

  • Water Management Solution for Water-stressed areas in Maharashtra – Short, Medium & Long term Strategies. WAPCOS Limited, India

  • Access to drinking water for poor tribal community in remote area of Meghalaya, Action for Food Production (AFPRO), India

  • Enhancing Ground Water Recharge and Surface Water Conservation. Action for Food Production (AFPRO), India

  • Digital Societal Platform for Water. Trust for Research on Earth and Environment, India

  • Jalopchar: An Eco-Friendly Wastewater Treatment Technology for Safe Re-use in Agriculture. ICAR-Indian Agricutural Research Institute, India

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Ivory Coast

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  • Сделаем климатически устойчивые технологии доступными для всех! Сеть экспертов устойчивого развития Центральной Азии (НПО), Армения, Казахстан, Кыргызстан, Россия, Таджикистан, Туркменистан, Узбекистан (Let's make climate resilient technologies available to everyone! Central Asia Sustainable Development Network of Experts (NGOs), Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)

  • От управления водными ресурсами к управлению территориями на основе речных бассейнов и принципов ИУВР. Общественный фонд Национальное водное партнерство Казахстана, Казахста (From Water Resources Management to Territorial Management based on River Basins and IWRM principles. Public Fund National Water Partnership of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan)


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South Africa

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South Sudan

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Sri Lanka

  • Promoting River Sand Alternatives for Construction to Safeguard River Health and Ecosystems. Construction Industry Development Authority, Sri Lanka

  • WetWorking (Networking for wetland conservation) to Combat Climate Change Impacts. Sri Lanka Water Partnership, Sri Lanka

  • Puritas Sath Diyawara - Water for Life; Hayleys Group's Initiative for Healing CKD. Puritas Limited, Sri Lanka

  • Introducing a Low-cost Eco-friendly Sewage Treatment System to Local Authorities, Urban Council Balangoda. Urban Council Balangoda, Sri Lanka (UCB), India, Sri Lanka

  • Rainwater as a Drinking Water Source for Drought and Flood Prone Areas of Sri Lanka. Lanka Rainwater Harvesting Forum, Sri Lanka

  • Supporting Young Water Professionals by Building Capacity and Creating Opportunity in Uva Province. Young Water Professionals Uva Province, Sri Lanka


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  • Empowering Wastewater Suppliers with the Wastewater data. Prana WasteWater, Switzerland



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  • Опыт реформирования водного сектора Таджикистана для повышения его устойчивости к климатическим изменениям и внедрение ИУВР. Национальное водное партнерство Таджикистана, Tajikistan. (Experience of Reforming the Water Sector in Tajikistan to Increase Its Resilience to Climate Change and the Introduction of IWRM. National Water Partnership of Tajikistan, Tajikistan)

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  • Ruth - A Water ChangeMaker in Tanzania Who Creates Numerous Job Opportunities to Women and Youth. Gongali Model Co.Ltd, Tanzania

  • Uhakika wa Maji! Citizen-Action, Accountability Monitoring and Advocacy for Water and Climate Security in Africa. Shahidi wa Maji (SwM), Tanzania

  • Re-Engineering and Re-Firing Tanzania Water Partnership: From Obscurity to Progress and Posterity. Global Water Partnership Tanzania, Tanzania

Trinidad and Tobago

  • Integrated Soil and Water Management as Climate Change Resilience Strategies on Smallholder Family-Farms in Trinidad. Ro-Crops Agrotec, Trinidad and Tobago

  • Regional Strategic Action Plan for Climate Resilience of the Water Sector in the Caribbean Region. The Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA), Trinidad and Tobago

  • The NIHERST Environmental Solutions for Sustainable Communities Programme for Rainwater Harvesting Systems in Rural Communities. The National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST), Trinidad and Tobago


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  • La facilitation de la participation des citoyens dans le choix du programme d’adduction a l’eau potable. Commune Souassi, Tunisia. (Facilitating citizen participation in the choice of the drinking water supply program. Municipality Souassi, Tunisia)

  • Ma responsabilité face aux changements climatiques. Réseau Enfants de la Terre (RET), Tunisia. (My responsibility in the face of climate change. Children of the Earth Network (RET), Tunisia)
  • Save the drop ! Fesguietna !(فسقيتنا   ). Association Jlij pour l’environnement marin AJEM, Tunisia. (Tunisia, Save the Drop ! Fesguietna ! (فسقيتنا   ). Jlij Association for the Marine Environment AJEM, Tunisia)



  • Addressing Climate Resilience through Water and Sanitation Interventions in Sembabule District. Union of Community Development Volunteers (UCDV), Uganda

  • Implementing WASH projects through collaborations to creating mobile based technologies. Rotary Club of Kampala, Uganda

  • Build rural Women capacities to increase their access to Water through their Improved Governance. Katosi Women Development Trust, Uganda


  •  A Journey from "water secure world" concept to "more (or less) water secure world" concept. Ukrainian Center of Environmental and Water Projects (UCEWP), Ukraine

  • Fresh Clean Water Everywhere. Zander Agro, Azerbaijan, Germany, Guinea, India, Latvia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine

  • Волновая опреснительная станция конструкции Овсянкина, работающая на возобновляемой энергии морских волн и течений. ООО Научно производственная фирма "Крок-1" Украина (Wave desalination station designed by Ovsyankin, operating on renewable energy of sea waves and currents. LLC Scientific production company "Krok-1", Ukraine)

  • Внедрение системы мониторинга водных объектов коммунальным предприятием как инструмента водной политики города Киева. Коммунальное предприятие исполнительного органа Киевского городского совета (Киевской городской государственной администрации) по охране, содержанию и эксплуатации земель водного фонда города Киева (КП "Плесо"), Украина. (Implementation of a water body monitoring system by a utility company as an instrument of water policy in the city of Kiev. Communal enterprise of the executive body of the Kiev City Council (Kiev City State Administration) for the protection, maintenance and operation of lands of the water fund of the city of Kiev (KP "Pleso"), Ukraine)

United Kingdom

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  • Creating energy from reused water. NVH Global Ltd, United Kingdom

  • Triangle-city Cooperation Building Climate Resilience in the Parana Basin. University of Leeds, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, United Kingdom

  • WASH Basins - A practical approach to integrated water resources management for sustainable WASH services. Arup, India

  • Clean, solar-powered water supply unlocks health, gender equality and economic prosperity in vulnerable Nigerian communities. WaterAid, Nigeria

  • Previsico provides real-time, street-level surface water flood forecasting technology to save lives and livelihoods globally. Previsico, China, Indonesia, Kenya, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States

  • All things resilience – Path to flood resilience for small to medium businesses in UK. Upper Calder Valley Renaissance (UCVR), United Kingdom

United States of America

  • Winning the Fight to Legalize Rainwater Harvesting and Recognizing it as Independent and Potable Source. Go Green Auto Care, USA

  • United States-Mexico Permanent Forum of Binational Waters. Texas A&M University, Mexico and United States

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  • Building Resilience Through the Power of Women. USAID Gap Inc. Women + Water Alliance Team, India

  • *Sustainable Green Buildings with HVAC  condensation recovery Water sheds  Biological control  Viruses Bacteria , fungi. Free and clear H2O Innovations in Water Inc., United States

  • Valuing Water Finance Task Force. Ceres, Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

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  • Transforming the Equestrian Industry into a Waterless, Sustainable Future. ArenaMend, United States


  • Creation Conditions for Innovations  in the Zone of the Aral Sea Crisis. Agency for projects implementation of the International Fund for the Aral Sea Saving (Agency of IFAS), Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan

  • Определение оптимальных вариантов размещения сельскохозяйственных культур с учетом наличия водных ресурсов и включению земель вышедших из оборота. Каракалпакский филиал научно-исследовательского института ирригации и водных проблем (ККФ НИИИВП), Узбекистана. (Determination of the optimal options for the placement of agricultural crops, taking into account the availability of water resources and the inclusion of lands out of circulation. Karakalpak branch of the research institute of irrigation and water problems (KKF NIIIVP), Uzbekistan)
  • UNESCO Chair on Water Diplomacy, Water Resources Management and Environmental Protection at Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers. Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME), Uzbekistan

  • Международный день реки Амударья. Экологическое движение Узбекистана, Узбекистана. (International Day of the Amu Darya River. Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan)

  • Проведение мероприятий по эффективному использованию водных ресурсов в условиях изменения климата. Общественное объединение по устойчивому использованию водных ресурсов Узбекистана “Сувчи” [(ОО) "Сувчи]", Узбекистана. (Carrying out activities for the efficient use of water resources in the context of climate change. Public Association for Sustainable Use of Water Resources of Uzbekistan "Suvchi" [(PA) "Suvchi]", Uzbekistan)

  • Технология низконапорного капельного орошения. "Общественное объединение Сувчи по устойчивому использованию водных ресурсов Узбекистана", ОО "Сувчи", Узбекистана. (Low-pressure drip irrigation technology. "Public Association Suvchi for the Sustainable Use of Water Resources in Uzbekistan", PA "Suvchi", Uzbekistan)

  • Повышение плодородия почв и меры водосбережения в засушливых условиях Каракалпакстана как мера адаптации к изменению климата. Каракалпакская филиал ОО «СУВЧИ», Узбекистана. (Improving soil fertility and water conservation measures in arid conditions of Karakalpakstan as a measure of adaptation to climate change. Karakalpak branch of OO "SUVCHI", Uzbekistan)

  • Эффективное использование воды в сельском хозяйстве в условиях глобального изменения климата. Негосударственная некоммерческая организация "Защита бассейна реки Зеравшан", Узбекистана. (Efficient use of water in agriculture in the context of global climate change. Non-governmental non-profit organization "Protection of the Zeravshan River Basin", Uzbekistan)

  • Совместные инициативы ассоциации «За экологически чистую Фергану», ННО «Орзу», ННО «Шахимарданобод сув», ННО «Чимён сув халол» под названием «Вода –это жизнь», «Чистая вода – залог здоровья» «Вода – дар божий», «Вода – это жизнь». Ассоциация «За экологически чистую Фергану». ННО «Шахимарданобод сув», ННО «Орзу», ННО «Чимён сув халол», Узбекистана. (Joint initiatives of the Association "For Ecologically Clean Fergana", NGO "Orzu", NGO "Shakhimardanobod Suv", NGO "Chimyon Suv Halol" under the name "Water is life", "Clean water is a guarantee of health" "Water is a gift from God", "Water is life". Association "For Ecologically Clean Fergana". NGO "Shakhimardanobod Suv", NGO "Orzu", NGO "Chimyon Suv Halol", Uzbekistan)

  • Целевая подготовка водных  кадров для экологически уязвимых регионов Узбекистана с острыми климатическими изменениями. Национальный Центh UZWATER при кафедре "Водоснабжение, канализация и охрана водных ресурсов" Самаркандского государственного архитектурно-строительного института, Узбекистана. (Targeted training of water personnel for ecologically vulnerable regions of Uzbekistan with acute climatic changes. National Center UZWATER at the Department of "Water supply, sewerage and protection of water resources" of the Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Uzbekistan)

  • математическая модель позволяющая определить оптимальные характеристики  (минимальные по стоимости) трубопроводов при  строительстве и реконструкции  сетей водоснабжения . Ташкентский институт инженеров ирригации и механизации сельского хозяйства, Узбекистана. (A mathematical model that allows you to determine the optimal characteristics (minimum cost) of pipelines during the construction and reconstruction of water supply networks. Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers, Uzbekistan)

  • Капельное Орошение Сельскохозяйственных Культур С Использованием Возобновляемых Источников Энергии В Районах Без Поверхностных Вод И Энергии. "Общественное объединение Сувчи по устойчивому использованию водных ресурсов Узбекистана", Узбекистана. (Drip Irrigation of Agricultural Crops Using Renewable Energy Sources in Areas Without Surface Water and Energy. "Public Association Suvchi for Sustainable Use of Water Resources in Uzbekistan", Uzbekistan)



  • Proyecto Agua Clara (Captacion de agua de lluvia para Uso domestico). Iniciativa Individual. Juan Carlos Diaz Gallardo, Venezuela. (Agua Clara Project (Rainwater Harvesting for Domestic Use). Individual Initiative. Juan Carlos Diaz Gallardo, Venezuela)



  • ج1 خزانات حصاد الامطار على مستوى الاسره ضرورة وخيار اول  لمواجة التغيرات المناخية. اهالي منطققة جبل نعمان. Yemen. (Part 1: Rain Harvesting Tanks at the Household Level is a Necessity and a First Option for Facing Climate Change. The People of the Numan Region, Yemen)

  •  توحيد أنشطة الرصد المناخي. الهيئة العامة للطيران المدني والأرصاد - قطاع الأرصاد. Yemen. (Unify Climate Monitoring Activities. General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology - Meteorology Sector, Yemen)



  • Strengthening Climate Resilience in the Kafue sub-Basin. Zambia Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience, Ministry of National Development Planning, Zambia


  • Story of a Southern African Water and Climate lawyer. Ministry of Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Zimbabwe

  • WasteMoney. WasteMoney (Pvt) Ltd, Zimbabwe

  • Ground Water Reliance in a Water Stressed country of Zimbabwe: Our New Normal. Mayin Waters Pvt Ltd, Zimbabwe

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