Water ChangeMakers Meetups - Useful Materials and Announcements

We continue to engage with our inspiring ChangeMakers to create a space for sharing your journeys with others who are passionate about making positive change for water happen.

In 2020, we announced regular Water ChangeMakers Meet-ups to develop and grow a vibrant community. These events will focus on sharing, learning and inspiring each other.

We, at the Water ChangeMakers Awards Team, were thrilled to see the spirit of the Water ChangeMakers community take shape and thrive through the many innovative solutions, practices and leadership examples that were shared.  Thank you so much for joining and engaging with others in the past two Water ChangeMakers Meet-ups! Your stories, shared examples and positive energy were key factors in the success of these events.

To make it more convenient for you to access the event materials and announcements, we have created this page as a dedicated repository for presentations, recordings, and other references. Please feel free to browse through the materials and explore the discussions.

10 MARCH 2021

Celebrating International Women’s Day (8 March), the 2nd Meet-up focused on Women in Water and Gender Equality, highlighting the need for diversity and inclusion in the water space, as well as the role of women as key water users and decision makers. The event featured an inspirational talk on Women in Water by Liza Debevec, GWP Senior Gender Specialist, who guided the participants through interesting statistics on gender equality in the water sector, and outlined synergies and trends that can help us to advance gender equality within water management. 


Women, Water, Courage, Change - inspirational talk by Liza Debevec, Senior Gender Specialist, GWP, featuring such points as:
  1. Goals we have set 
  2. Why we care about women in water 
  3. Where we are thus far 
  4. What it takes to make change 
  5. What we need to do next 

Spotlight on Water ChangeMakers - morning session

  1. Jivamritam: A community-based purified drinking water solution, Dr. Maneesha Vinodini Ramesh, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham 
  2.  Building low-cost climate-resilient agriculture technology to address water scarcity through water resource management, Deki Choden, Bhutan Water Partnership

Recording of the morning session

Spotlight on Water ChangeMakers - afternoon session

  1. Involving women in rainwater harvesting, Vilma Chanta, Fundación Nacional para el Desarrollo 
  2. Strengthening climate resilience in the Kafue sub-Basin, Indie Dinala, Zambia Pilot Programme for Climate Resilience, Ministry of National Development Planning 

Recording of the afternoon session


In addition, these resources are available from GWP on the topic of Gender Equality. Please feel free to explore the links below: 

25 NOVEMBER 2020

The first Meet-up enabled the community members to meet other inspiring leaders, exchange knowledge and ideas on achieving change, becoming a leader, looking at water in terms of valuing perspectives, etc. Participants had the opportunity to showcase their work and achievements. The first Water ChangeMakers Meet-up also featured an inspiring talk on Futures Literacy, which offered insights on how we approach unforeseeable challenges by using the future to innovate the present.


Inspirational Talk: Futures Literacy - an introduction in how we can use multiple futures to rethink the present, Keynote speaker: Loes Damhof

The talk focused on the capability to use the future to rethink the present, as the essential competency for the next decade in higher education. As a Futures Literacy Expert, Loes designs, develops, and facilitates so-called Futures Literacy Labs: collective intelligence knowledge creation processes across the globe that challenge and raise fundamental questions on gender equality, decolonization, migration, climate change and technology.  

Spotlight on Water ChangeMakers - morning session

  1. The Masungi Georeserve story: Restoring forgotten watersheds through youth-led movementsPhilippines, Southeast Asia  
  2. Water Efficiency as an immediate mitigation tool against Jakarta sinking process, Indonesia, Southeast Asia  
  3. Real-time monitoring and early warning of rainfall-induced landslides, India, South Asia 

Recording of the morning session

Spotlight on Water ChangeMakers - afternoon session

  1. The ripple effects of service-learning programs are solving global water access problems, United States of America and Mexico 
  2. WomanWASH: Innovating and transforming my community from within, Colombia, South America  
  3. Uhakika wa Maji! Citizen-action, accountability monitoring and advocacy for water and climate security in Africa, United Republic of Tanzania, East Africa 

Recording of afternoon session