15th European Youth Parliament for Water

The European Youth Parliament for water is an initiative launched in 1999 to promote youth involvement in the water sector, both by increasing their awareness of water resource management issues and by fostering understanding of citizenship and democracy. During one week, young Europeans meet to debate, exchange and take action on a specific water related issue. At the end of the Parliament, participants come up with a “Common commitment” declaration gathering Youth’s vision on the annual Parliament’s theme and various proposals to undertake concrete actions in their communities.

The proposed theme for the 15th EYPW is: “The River basin: backbone of regional development”.  The 15th edition of the EYPW will address the theme of the river basin in its different components. More specifically, it will focus on how the territorial unit of a river basin area can be a driving force for a shared and sustainable management of the water resources of the basin and for cooperation and development at several levels (economic, touristic, cultural, ecological or political for example) and how young people can contribute to a better water resources management.

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