Danube Sediment Kick-off Conference

Budapest, Hungary

In the Danube Basin an increasing discrepancy between surplus and lack of sediment can be observed. This leads to an increase of flood risks and a reduction of navigation possibilities, hydropower production and biodiversity. Thus, sediment transport and sediment management are urgent issues, which can only be treated in a transnational basin wide approach as sediments don’t regard administrative or political borders.

The main objective of the project Danube Sediment Management is to improve Water and Sediment Management as well as the morphology of the Danube River. Interested stakeholders from the Danube Region are invited to the project Kick-off Conference. 

Danube Sedement Kick-Off Conference is organized together with the JOINTISZA Project Stakeholder Involvement Event on 11 April 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.

More information on Danube Sediment's official website.