Professor Janusz Kindler Passed Away

On 8 December 2020, Professor Janusz Kindler, one of the founders of the GWP CEE, passed away at the age of 86.

Janusz Kindler was a professor at the Warsaw University of Technology, water management specialist, and a World Bank expert. However, from our perspective, he was one of those who established GWP CEE, and the first Chair of our region. We will remember him as the gentlemen – who in the best way, exemplified this attitude to life and people.

His outsized role as a founding father and first Chair of GWP CEE was deservedly recognized when he was made Life Honorary Chair of GWP Central and Eastern Europe. Serving on the GWP Technical Committee in its early years was a major contribution to our global network – particularly being part of the Committee that wrote the landmark Background Paper on Integrated Water Resources Management (the famous #4).

His involvement in water management stretched from Poland to Iraq, Lake Chad, the Aral Sea Basin, and more. Professor Kindler worked with an array of prestigious international organisations, and many people around the world consider him an inspiration and a mentor.

A pro-memorial page has been created. On behalf of his family we would like to invite you to remember his outstanding personality, his achievements and enthusiastic engagement in Integrated Water Resources Management, and Sustainable Development ideas. Please, share this information with people who knew Janusz, collaborated, and were friends with him.