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DANUBE4all is an EU ‘Lighthouse Initiative’ in support of Mission “Restore our ocean and waters by 2030". This 5-year, Horizon Europe funded project consists of a consortium of 48 Partners and Associated Partners from 14 European countries.

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The annual edition, scheduled for release next week, will showcase interesting news, highlights, interviews, and more from the first year of the project, where the partners set the ground and define first steps towards the common aim to restore freshwater ecosystems in the Danube River Basin through a development of comprehensive, scientifically-based, and practically-oriented Restoration Action Plan.

The project seeks to address the lack of knowledge, awareness, and participation of local people and business actors in the implementation of freshwater ecosystem restoration. In this pursuit, DANUBE4all is an unprecedented co-creation process between scientists, researchers, SMEs, investors, public bodies, policymakers, and local communities. 

The project takes a multi-sectoral approach to addressing the diverse set of environmental challenges facing the Danube River Basin. These include extensive loss of river connectivity and associated ecosystem degradation, biodiversity losses, and a need for new approaches to nature-based solutions that can help revitalize the way we interact with the river. 

DANUBE4all also seeks to show both the economic and social benefits of restored ecosystems to local communities and SMEs - thus stepping up societal support for longer-term restoration efforts.