GWP-Med raises awareness in Tunisian primary schools in the framework of the BeWater project

GWP-Med, along with partner organisation Lions' Club, is coordinating a national campaign in Tunisian primary schools for awareness raising with regards to water scarcity and the importance of water saving, during the month of February. The campaign is called ÔVI (eau=vie / water=life) and is taking place within the framework of the activity "La Jeunesse Francophone pour l'eau" [Francophone Youth for Water], jointly held by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) and the Office Franco-Québécois pour la Jeunesse (OFQJ), as well as the BeWater Project and the work it does on raising the Tunisian youth's voice on water resources management.

The campaign is taking place as a follow-up action to the national training held for Tunisian NGO members active in water resources management issues, on November, 13th-14th, in the same framework.

A call was launched for local NGOs that are willing to participate to this campaign by organising themselves an awareness event in a primary school of their region. Each event will be totally supported by the respective NGO. GWP-Med has prepared a guide on the organisation of these events that is to be shared with the NGOs that will return the application form before 19/02 expressing their interest to conduct a school awareness event before March 2016.

The awareness day must be documented by photos and videos that will be projected during a national workshop on water, youth and employment, to follow on the 19th of March in celebration of the World Water Day. The Lions’ Club prepared a short video on water scarcity to be used during the events.