Call for the recruitment of an Expert to undertake the Biological Monitoring

The Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean (GWP-Med) is seeking to hire experts from Drin Riparian Countries to provide Biological Monitoring of the surface water along the Drin Basin in each Riparian Country.

One expert will be hired in each Drin Riparian Country.

 Please download the ToR for:

Albania here

 FYR of Macedonia here

 Kosovo here

 Montenegro here

The service will be provided to GWPMed/Drin Project units in Tirana, Ohrid, Pristina and Podgorica respectively.

The Biological Monitoring is planned to improve the understanding of the current baseline conditions of the Drin Basin and the major transboundary concerns or more specifically, to amend and improve the existing data and information of the state of water resources, and fill the data and info gaps.

 The objective of the assignment is to conduct the biological monitoring using macro invertebrates, diatoms and macrophytes as biological indicators of water quality at selected surface bodies, including sampling, sorting and identification of species, indices calculation and interpretation of results.

 Details regarding the assignment are included in the Terms of Reference that accompany this call for offers.

Application deadline: 5 June 2017

 Interested experts are kindly requested to send their CVs to and by 5 June 2017.