Zero Drop program demonstrates new best practice for saving water and energy in Schimatari, Greece

New Zero Drop program launched in Schmatari, Tanagra Municipality, eliminates losses in the Municipality's Kallithea Water Treatment Plant and creates a replicable model for upgrading Municipal infrastructure which saves water and energy.

The "Zero Drop" water resources protection program, implemented by Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean (GWP-Med), funded from The Coca-Cola Foundation,  in collaboration with Coca-Cola in Greece, is helping the Municipality of Tanagra eliminate water losses at the Municipal Water Treatment Plant of Kallithea.

The Kallithea Water Treatment Plant in Schimatari, where water losses have been eliminated, ensuring 15% water saving and up to 7% energy saving.

The "Zero Drop", after Folegandros and Heraklion, Crete, continued its "journey" in the Municipality of Tanagra, transferring a water saving best practice that was originally implemented in private sector industrial facilities, to the public sector.

Through the technical interventions which were completed in The works were completed in November 2023. a new system of recirculation and reuse of the filter backwash water was intalled in the water treatment unit located in Kallithea community in the Municipality of Tanagra. In this way, water saving is achieved, and according to the independent technical study undertaken by  millions of liters of drinking water are saved for the local community.

The benefits of "Zero Drop" in Tanagra Municipality are multiple for residents, employees and the local community as a whole, as the program aims to achieve:
•    Saving 62 million liters of water per year.
•    Water savings of 15% and energy savings of up to 7% for the Kallithea water treatment plant.
•    Significant benefits for the Municipality, due to less water and energy consumption for pumping.
At the same time, public awareness actions will be implemented, promoting the responsible use of water at home. Also, a specialized team will carry out educational activities to students of the Municipality of Tanagra regarding the water cycle, the challenges of climate crisis, as well as the responsible use of water in our daily lives.

Mr. Stavros Mourelatos, General Manager, Coca-Cola Hellas, stated: "For Coca-Cola in Greece, responsible water management and water conservation is a key pillar of our sustainable development strategy. Thanks to The Coca-Cola Foundation funding, through the "Zero Drop" program, we are enhancing the water sufficiency of the local communities and it is a great pleasure for us to be in the Municipality of Tanagra today, seeing in practice how the know-how of the private sector can have tangible benefits for our local communities. We are committed to continue our effort so that this priceless commodity is always available to everyone, as every drop of Water is precious."

Prof. Michael Scoullos, Chair, Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean stated: "Based on an impactful partnership of public, private sector and civil society, the Zero Drop project in Schimatari implemented an innovative technological solution for the effective recycling of water in the Municipality of Tanagra. The impressive results, 15% water savings and up to 7% energy savings in the water unit located in Kallithea community, constitute a best practice that can be imitated in many municipalities throughout Greece. As the Municipality of Tanagra is supplied with water by Lake Mornos, which, along with the reservoirs of Evinos, Yliki, and Marathon, covers the needs of more than 40% of the Greek population, this responsible practice is even more important. Integrated interventions such as this, focusing on new technologies for water saving, raising citizens' awareness and educating the next generation, are an essential shield against the consequences of the climate crisis we are already experiencing".

The "Zero Drop" water resources protection program was launched in July 2022 with a project in Folegandros, achieving savings of millions of liters of water annually and enhancing the island's water sufficiency. In June 2023, it traveled to Heraklion, Crete, upgrading the irrigation network of the agricultural communities of Profitis Ilias and Voutes. In total, over the past 17 years, Coca-Cola Greece, in partnership with GWP-Med, has implemented more than 80 water protection, preservation and sufficiency projects in 36 Greek islands and cities, with thousands of beneficiaries, saving billions of liters of water annually for local communities.

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