Presentations from Integrated Drought Management Workshop that took place at Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute in Bratislava on 5-6 October 2012.

WMO Drought Activities and Regional Perspectives: An Overview
Jose Camacho, Scientific Officer Agricultural Meteorology Division, WMO (PDF, 2.18 MB)

Water Scarcity and Climate Uncertainty: What Do We Know on Droughts in Europe
Elena Mateescu, National Meteorological Administration, Romania and National Focal Point UNCCD (PDF, 0.78 MB)

Drought Monitoring and Early Warning Indicators as Tools for Climate Change Adaptation
Lucka Bogataj, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (PDF, 2.22 MB)

Drought Management in Context of River Basin Planning According to European Union Water Framework Directive
Elena Fatulova, Chair of GWP Slovakia (PDF, 0.29 MB)

Evidence of Droughts in Agriculture, Economic and Environmental Implications
Attila Nagy, Debrecen University, Hungary (PDF, 2.10 MB)

Assessment of Damages Caused by the Drought in Agriculture, Environment and Water Supply
Pavol Bielek, Slovak Agriculture University in Nitra, Slovakia (PDF, 0.31 MB)

Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe: Vulnerabilities, Risks and Policy Recommendations
Gregor Gregoric, Slovenian Environmental Agency, Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe (PDF, 0.77 MB)

Climate Change Adaptation in Transboundary Basins
Sonja Koeppel, UNECE Water Convention (PDF, 0.67 MB)

Experience on Drought Management in the Mediterranean
Michael Scoullos, GWP Mediterranean (PDF, 0.91 MB)

CarpatClim Project: The Database and Procedures for Drought Indices
Pavol Nejedlik, Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute (PDF, 1.96 MB)

Central Asia Experiences in Drought Management
Galina Stulina, SIC - ICWC, GWP Central Asia and Caucasus (PDF, 2.07 MB)

South Asia GWP: Rationale and Scope for Regional Integrated Drought Management Programme
Pervaiz Amir, Regional Panel of Experts, GWP South Asia (PDF, 0.38 MB)

Proposal for Integrated Drought Management Programme in Central and Eastern Europe and Commitments for the Future Platform
Janusz Kindler, GWP Poland (PDF, 0.36 MB)