Major step made for the Gaza Desalination Plan

Donor Conference kicks-off implementation of desalination plant project to supply water to 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip

On 20 March 2018, the European Commission and the Government of Palestine, in partnership with the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), hosted in Brussels an international donor Pledging Conference to consolidate high-level political and financial support for the construction of a large-scale desalination plant and its associated water supply infrastructure in the Gaza Strip, a UfM flagship project.

 The desalination plant will supply drinking water to 2 million Palestinian inhabitants, thereby ensuring a sustainable solution for the chronic and longstanding water shortage and humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, where over 95% of the water is not drinkable due to the over-pumping of a polluting Coastal Aquifer.

International donors pledged €456 million to the project (80% of the total cost), which will make possible to start the biggest ever infrastructure project in the Gaza Strip.

Congratulations to the leads of and all contributors to this great effort!

Active link: UfM Press Release