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Inf'eau est un magazine produit à partir des articles produits par les journalistes à l'issue de l'atelier régional que GWP organise depuis 2007 et conjointement avec UICN à partir de 2011.

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La gestion de la demande en eau: l'expérience méditerrannéenne

For the past fifteen years, Water Demand Management (WDM) has been emerging as a key issue of sustainable development in the Mediterranean. This comprises a set of measures intended to increase the technical, social, economic, environmental, and institutional efficiency of the various water uses. The Mediterranean region has already gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience of managing water scarcity through WDM and this may be of value to those who are following a similar pathway. This technical focus paper (1,8 MB) captures the experience and projects conducted by Plan Bleu in Mediterranean “eco-region”. The French version.
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Rio+20 : Sécurité en eau pour la croissance et le développement durable

This Policy Brief summarizes the key messages towards the Rio+20 Conference. These messages derive from GWP work and experiences and include: the crucial role of water as a key driver in the green economy, the need for building more effective institutions to manage water better, especially at transboundary level, the ongoing need for integrated approaches, ensuring water security for the economy, for society and for the environment, and the political leadership and vision essential for overcoming fragmentation. The French version.
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Manuel sur la gestion intégrée des ressources en eau dans les bassins des fleuves, des lacs et des aquifères transfrontaliers

The experience gained under existing transboundary cooperation agreements for many transboundary basins, allow today saying that Integrated Water Resources Management works well on the basin-scale of transboundary rivers when there is a real willingness of the stakeholders concerned. How then to move from theory to practice to implement transboundary cooperation on water? How can you possibly establish an effective and lasting transboundary basin organization? To support this process, INBO, GWP together with other knoweldge partners (UNECE, UNESCO, GEF, EVREN and AFD) have worked together to produce this book presented at the World Water Forum in Marseilles (March 2012). The document is in French.