GWP Privacy Policy

Global Water Partnership (GWP) is a global action network that aims to fulfil a vision of a water secure world through its network of Partner organisations.

This GWP Privacy Policy sets out an individual’s and an organisation’s privacy rights regarding the collection, use, storage, sharing, and protection of the information provided in any format to GWP and how it is subsequently stored in databases held by GWP or a contracted third party. Individuals and organisations agree to the GWP Privacy Policy when submitting their information to GWP and signing up to become part of GWP’s work through GWP’s websites. 

1. Purpose of Collecting Information 

The Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO), established as an intergovernmental organisation in Stockholm, Sweden, collects information necessary to fulfill the identified purposes of GWP as shown on our websites and explained in the various activities and forms set out on the websites. When participating in any GWP activities announced through the websites (e.g., awards, courses, competitions, etc.), individuals and organisations are asked to provide information such as personal name and/or name of organisation, field of work, type of organisation, contact details, and contact person. Information  is collected for the following purposes: 

  • To maintain an accurate record of interested actors and collaborators with GWP
  • To conduct internal surveys and consultations with these actors and collaborators
  • To notify actors and collaborators about GWP activities through email, newsletters, brochures, reports, etc.
  • To present statistics to third parties on the activities of the GWP Network

The information provided to GWP in any form is stored in GWP’s databases held by GWP or a contracted third party.

2. Disclosure and Retention of Information

Personal or organisational information is safeguarded by GWPO in GWP’s databases held by GWP or a contracted third party. GWPO does not trade or sell any information to third parties outside the GWP Network or within the Network at any time. However, GWPO uses other suppliers to provide technical tools and, within the services these suppliers provide, the information may be disclosed. GWPO has agreements with these providers to ensure the information is kept in a proper manner that follows laws on data protection.

GWPO does disclose certain information about individuals and organisations on GWP websites to promote knowledge sharing and further the implementation of the mission of the GWP Network. 

The following information, provided by individuals or organisations to GWP, may be made available on GWP websites:   

  • Name of Person/Organisation
  • Website address
  • E-mail address
  • Telephone number
  • Sector
  • Country and Regional Water Partnership to which the person/organisation may belong

The purpose for this disclosure is to fulfill the objectives set out in the description of the activity with which the individual or organisation is participating., or to increase the sharing of knowledge and learning among those active in the work of GWP. GWPO also uses the data, and reserves the right to disclose data, which does not identify individuals, for statistical purposes to asses, improve, and promote the GWP Network and GWPO.

Information is stored in GWP’s databases held by GWP or a contracted third party and in hard copy files. Electronic information is stored in computers and is password protected. Any backup disks and hard copy paper files are kept in locked cabinets for the period it is legally or operationally necessary to use the information in relation to the initial purpose of gathering the information. If the purposes for the use of the information mentioned above are no longer valid, the information is permanently deleted.  

3. Access and Amendments to Information

All individuals and organisations are entitled to access their information in the GWP databases at any time. GWPO will provide access to the information after confirming the identity of the person making the request or confirming the request has been made by an authorised representative on behalf of an organisation. Any changes can then be submitted to GWPO and the information will be adjusted accordingly. It is important for GWP to have accurate and up-to-date information and therefore all individuals and organisations are encouraged to tell us when the data they submitted changes.

If you have any questions, please send a message to

 31 March 2020