Country Water Partnerships

A Country Water Partnership (CWP) according to the Global Water Partnership (GWP) Organisation is seen as a body that is made up of the GWP Partners in a country.

This body of partners may have different visions and structures based on local conditions but they are all intimately connected by the ultimate goal of water security through fully promoting and applying the concept of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) at the community, national and regional level.

Currently Global Water Partnership-Caribbean (GWP-C) has no Country Water Partnerships (CWPs) but is working towards establishing these partnerships in the Caribbean region as GWP-C recognises that the formation of CWPs is crucial to the successful implementation of IWRM in the region.

Roles of a CWP

Some of the roles of a CWP include:

  • Promoting alliances between different national entities and institutions that operate in the water sector.
  • Contributing to the development of public policies on water, through wide and open debate.
  • Creating multi-disciplinary mechanisms for dialogue and reflection regarding the issue of water resources in the country.
  • Promoting and encouraging research, knowledge management and the exchange of experience and expertise on integrated and sustainable water resources management.
  • Facilitating the participation of national institutions in regional and national forums, particularly in the GWP network.

Benefits of a CWP

Some of the benefits of a CWP are:

  • As a CWP of the GWP Organisation, global support (expertise and experiences) are available. 
  • A CWP helps to create a stronger regional mechanism for knowledge sharing on IWRM. 
  • A CWP helps to mobilise and provide resources to members to carry out IWRM programmes in the Caribbean. 
  • It helps in forming a communications and technical assistance network so that a complete status of the Caribbean region is readily available.

The GWP Policy on Partners available in the right menu provides detailed information on the establishment and operation of a Country Water Partnership (CWP).

Conditions for Accreditation

The GWP Conditions for Accreditation for Regional and Country Water Partnerships is available here.