The Mediterranean region covers 1.75 million kM2. With 446 million inhabitants, accounting for 7% of the world population, Mediterranean is encountering a rapid and unbalanced demographic growth and increased urbanization trends. Increasing poverty in urban centres is directly linked with water and health issues.

The resident population of the Mediterranean which was 246 million in 1960 will jump according to UN estimations to approximately 508 - 579 million in 2025. In 2000, the coastal zone of the region had a population of 143 million people that is 33% of the region’s inhabitants. By 2025, this population is foreseen to increase up to 174 million people.

Urbanization in the coastal areas has also detrimental impact on water resources demand and use, caused by uncontrolled developments and infrastructure, sewage, urban run-off and increase in solid waste.


(Photo:Vangelis Constantianos)