Facilitating the engagement with a wide range of technical and financial partners in the Mediterranean

The implementation of identified Nexus solutions will bring practical benefits to the populations of Mediterranean countries, particularly those living in hotspot coastal areas, by enhancing coordination and cooperation among the WEFE Sectors in order to increase synergies and reduce trade-offs. On the governance side, Nexus solutions assist decision-makers in building institutional and regulatory mechanism and tools that enable cross-sectoral cooperation to tackle spatial and sectoral impacts across the source-to-sea continuum. On the technical side, Nexus solutions deliver practical applications and interventions applying both traditional and cutting-edge technology.

Component 3 is dedicated to testing and upscaling technical/non-technical Nexus/Source-to-Sea solutions by:

  • Piloting two selected Nexus demonstrations in Lebanon and Tunisia identified through the Assessments/Dialogues under Component 2; and
  • Enabling priority interventions and/or necessary investments through preparation of at least three related projects documentation/investments fiches, based on needs and opportunities identified through the Nexus Assessments/Dialogues under Component 2.

This Component is expected to facilitate the engagement with a wide range of technical and financial partners to build shared ownership, exchange respective expert knowledge, co-design project proposals and jointly mobilize needed resources attracting different blends of funding. Activities also aim at creating institutional awareness about the need for holistic governance whilst increasing financial interest in the integrated management of natural resources.