Water Intervention for Improving Smallholder Farming and Rural Livelihoods in Asia

GWPSEA Program Coordinator – Mr. Djoko Sasongko, was invited by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Regional Office, to participate in a Regional Consultation Workshop, which was held in Winsor Suites Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. The  workshop is  a part of  a  study  initiated and  organized by FAO, funded by IFAD  and  implemented  by  AIT  as consultant

To obtain guidance in the conduction of a regional study on the role of water interventions to improve rural livelihoods in the East-, South- and Southeast Asia were the objectives of the gathering. The objective of the study has been achieved at the end of the workshop when some ideas for the methodology of the study had been agreed. Typology of the region has been commonly laid down according to the topic of the study.

Key steps  have been indicated  and  what  data  to be  collected  have  been listed, discussed  up to  when, where , how