According to the existing statued of GWP -SEA, the governance system consists of partners (through Consulting Partners Meeting), Steering Committtee, and Secretariat. The Steering Committee (SC) will serve as highest policy and decisions making of GWP-SEA, and shall be composed by democratically elected representatives from each Country Water Partnership (CWP) or Country Network. It shall have one member representing their respective CWP plus a Chair. The SC Members will be elected by their respective CWPs or Country Network. One half of the member of the first SC will have maximum term of three years while the other half will have a term of two years. 

The SC Members will elect a Chair, who shall have a maximum tenure of three years.  He/She will be presiding the Consulting Partners Meeting and the meetings of SC, implementing functions as the head and spokeperson for the GWP-SEA network represent the GWP-SEA in all forums, ensuring that all SC policies & directions are implemented; Establishing and strengthening linkages with sponsoring partners, ensuring that GWP-SEA goals and targets are achieved, coordinating activities at the regional level through the GWP-SEA Secretariat and maintaining good communications with the GWPO and other Regional Water Partnerships

A Regional Secretariat is established to assist the SC in managing and coordinating regional programs and activities. The regional secretariat should be lean structure comprised of the following staff: 1). Regional Coordinator 2). Communications  & Administration Officer. Those two postions will be full time positions.