How can the water sector step it up for gender equality?

To celebrate 2017 International Women's Day on 8 March 2017, we ask a Women Water Champion in our region about their opinion on "How can the water sector step it up for gender equality?". And here are their amazing opinion:

Ms. Asmi Burhan - Independent Gender Specialist


In times of disaster or crisis women must play a pivotal role in preparing the family when faced with hardship. Women must be resilient enough to ensure the livelihood of the family is sustain, strengthening the family values, keeping them together and building back better.

Ir. BIBI ZARINA BINTI CHE OMAR – Women leaders in the National Disaster Management Agency.


“As a mother, I never found myself thinking that my youngest child should get no food because it is too costly. It is unacceptable that sometimes we still ignore some voices in development because it makes no economic sense to listen. Water policy and management is essentially caring for people’s wellbeing. It needs to go beyond logic: it must have heart and compassion. The only way forward is for EVERYONE to realize we MUST listen to the ideas, voices, and concern of people from ALL genders and work TOGETHER in mutual standing, respect, and support.”
Atie Tri Juniati – Indonesia Water Partnership (Ina-WP)- March 2017


Quote from our Partners :

“Access to Water Empower Women!”. Image and quote from Mrs. Dom Thach – Alternate Steering Committee Member from Cambodia Water Partnership.

“Mainstream Gender in All Water Security Agenda”.  Dr. Solieng Mak, Steering Committee Member of GWP Southeast Asia and Chair of Cambodia Water Partnership.

“Women Empowerment on the planning & Water Management improve the water security”. Ms. Rayahuningtyas, WACDEP PM GWP Southeast Asia