Organization and funding

Organs of the GWP/WA

Assembly of Partners (AP): it is the steering and cotrolling body of the Partnership and holds an ordinary session every two years and, in case of need, an extraordinary session. The AP main responsibilities are to (i) outline the strategic orientations of the Partnership and define its policy; (ii) approve the appointment of the Chairman, the Steering committee members as well as the Technical committee and its members and examine the reports of the Steering committee and theExecutive secretariat.

The Steering committee (SC): it has the responsibility of (i) seeing to the implementation of the decisisons of AP aimed at achieving the objectives of the Partnership; (ii) formulating recommandations to AP on all matters related to the life of the Partnership; (iii) approving the programmes and budgets drawn by the Executive secretariat; (iv) proposing to the AP the appointment of the Chaiman of the Partnership, the Executive secretary and the Chairman of the Technical committee. The Steering committe meet twice a year and more when the need arises.

The Technical committee (TEC), which is a consultative body with the duty of carrying out progressive reflection, giving its opinions and ensuring the quality control of all the activities of the Partnership.

The Executive secretariat, headed by an Executive secretary who is in charge of the administration and the day-to-day implementation of the programmes and decisions of the Partnership. The Executive secretary is responsible for (i) implementation the decisions of the AP and the SC, (ii) managing the Partnership heritage, (iii) monitoring the establishment of the Country water partnership (CWP), (iv) drawing up the programmes and budgets of the Partnership, (v) drafting the Partnership's financial demands, monitoring their mobilization and support to the CWP for this perpose.


  • the annual dues of the partners;
  • tvoluntary contributions of bilateral and multilateral agencies and foundations of co-operation and development;
  • the financial contributions which might be required of participants attending meetings and events organized by the Regional Partnership;
  • subventions, gifts and legacies,
  • and all other ressources, compatible with the objectives of the Partnersihp and authorized by law, that the Steering committee is capable of mobilizing.