Driving Aims

GWPEAF provides support and facilitates consultation processes amongst different stakeholders and actors in the region at all levels. The organization’s driving aims are multi-dimensional:

  • enhancing community livelihoods in the region through sustainable water use and management;
  • promoting  the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) approach and foster the coordination, development and management of water resources for sustainable development;
  • Strengthening  dialogue and knowledge base amongst stakeholders at regional, national and local levels through established neutral forums, networks,  communication and knowledge-sharing products and catalyze change in policy, practice and mind-set;  
  • Building capacities and skills for effective piloting, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Integrated Water Resources Management policies, plans and strategies at regional, national and country level;

Through tailored advocacy, GWP Eastern Africa engages policy-makers, power-brokers, media, academia and other actors to influence policies, strategies, practices and mindset.
The above highlighted efforts seek to change peoples’ perceptions of water as an infinite to finite resource, from a narrow and single-actor intervention to a broader, and systemic and participatory approach involving water users, planers, decision-makers at all levels.