GWPEA Governance

About GWPEA Structure and Governance

GWPEA governance structure is defined in its Statutes and GWP partners Policy  as follows:

  • The Regional Consulting Partners(RCP), which includes partner Organizations
  • The Regional Steering Committee(RSC) which is tasked to ensure the smooth running of the planned activities in accordance with the expectations of partners and development goals;
  • The Technical Committee (TC) consisting of technical and scientific agenda  in the field of water and climate change. This is an advisory body whose mission is to provide forward thinking, advise and ensure the quality of all the partnerships programs

The Regional Secretariat (RS) headed by the Regional Coordinator is responsible for the administrative work and execution of programs and support to the Partnership at Regional and Country level. It provides the secretarial work for all the organs of the Partnership. It represents the Partnership the Partnership at the meeting of the Country Water Partnerships.

The Country Water Partnerships (CWPs) are instrumental and pivotal for the smooth running of GWPEA programmes because they are mandated to carry out activities at the local and community levels in countries. They are networks of partners to catalyze collective and combined actions in the field of water and connected sectors.

 All network partners take an active part in the life of GWPEA and CWP in the same way. CWPs are independent and neutral platform for stakeholders. The CWP is independent from any administrative authority or particular stakeholders group. GWPEA pays particular attention that this rule is respected.