Climate Change

The Eastern African and Greater Horn of Africa experience recurrent climate change evidenced by declining water levels in water catchments (lakes, rivers, swamps among others), unpredictable rainfall patterns, prolonged drought, erratic floods, landslides and changing temperatures

Basing on the practical experiences and recent scientific advances, farmers, herdsmen, policy-makers and scientists are gradually realizing the proximate linkages between water stress impacts and climate change.
Economies and livelihoods of nations and their nationals continue to face unprecedented vulnerability to climate change, and may threaten the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and efforts towards Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

This is further complicated by environmental degradation as people move to marginal lands for socio-economic livelihoods through unregulated and unfriendly farming methods. In most parts of Eastern Africa, farming constitutes over 80% of local and national economies.
 Mitigation and adaptation to climate change impact is no longer optional, but an essential imperative. GWP Eastern Africa in partnership with its partners such as Swedish Government and the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), Nile Basin Initiative conducts evidence-based advocacy, continues assessments and research, policy dialogue—all aimed at building resilient livelihoods; societies and economies of Eastern Africa and Greater Horn of Africa.
Worth noting, sustainable responses to climate change further need multi-focused and multi-disciplinary approaches and efforts at all levels through among others:

  • Policy revision to include climate adaptation and mitigation measures;
  • Mindset and practice change  at strategic, technical, local and individual levels
  • Bridging the gaps between science, policy and practices;
  • Promote low or no regret investments in the countries of the Greater Horn of Africa and Eastern Africa;
  • Continuous learning and replication of best practices from IWRM to address climate change
  • Setting up climate change financing mechanisms at all levels.