Country Toolbox Website Consolidation

On 18 December 2013, Indonesia Water Partnership re-introduced Tool Box to 14 participants who came from Government, Professional, University, and NGO. Resource Persons came from: Government (DG Water Resources, Ministriof Public Work); Private Companies, NGOs, Highe Education (University). Indonesia Water Partnership (INA-WP) as an organizer and Co-organizer was Directorate of Water Resources, Ministry of Public Work, Republic of Indonesia. Inkind support received are meeting room, sound system and LCD


“We are trying to bring more people to write and share their result of hard work in to article and share it with other people by using Tool Box” Dr. Melati Ferianita , Indonesia Water Partnership.   

Methods  implementation are explanations, examples, guidance and discussion of study cases based on IWRM toolbox format. This consolidation started with introducing the function of Toolbox, Regional Toolbox, and also the new website of Indonesia Water Partnership. In this training, all participants was given the progress of Regional Toolbox in Indonesia, what case study has been uploaded and how to make a case study based on Toolbox regulation.

The outputs of the activities are:

  1. Increased  knowledge of  water resources issues and  cooperate to water resources protection for all stakeholders
  2. Obtained an understanding to utilize the toolbox in writing cases of water resources and the problem-solving efforts.
  3. Share the knowledge and experience of the IWRM  cases  related with their backgound work

 Two case study created after the consolidation from Development Support Agency of Water Supply System (BPPSPAM), Mr. M. Arie Yanuartaba and Directorate of River and Coastal, Mr. Asep Yusuf which will be submitted to Indonesia Water Partnership website.