Indonesia Water Partnership: Dialogue on Local Community Capacity Building on Drought

As an anticipation of drought problems, Indonesia Water Partnership held a dialogue with Local community on drought in a Meeting Room of Ministry of Public Work in Jakarta, Indonesia on 11 December 2013.

Indonesia is a country with two season, dry season and rainy season. During the dry season, drought has been a problem for society, industry and agriculture. There is not enough water to drink, cleaning, and washing for society. For farmers, it can be crop failure, late harvesting which make farmers lost their fund and start cropping from beginning. And for industry, there is also not enough water to run the business.

Drought in Indonesia should be a priority concern from the government, they need a long term planning by providing water available for any province affected by drought. They also need to provide the society with guidance on how to use water efficiently.

Drought problem can’t be solved easly, it takes an integrated plan and process among stakeholders.  Indonesia water partnership started with a small plan by sharing the problems and solution of drought with their local community (Farmers and Society) 19 Participants came from different institution; Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Public Works, Consultant, and NGO, share their views on how to prepare the farmers and society during dry season.

Activity conducted by Indonesia Water Partnership, starting with the presentation of  material of Drought by the speakers and then followed by discussion assisted by 2 (two) facilitators.

The results of this activity is obtained about efforts and public participation and business communities in overcoming of drought and water scarcity and also gain knowledge and sharing experiences on the success story of stakeholders to overcome drought through community participation related to the activities of domestic and farming (irrigation) which could be implemented in other places.