GWP West Africa Secretariat empowered with solar energy

GWPO has helped GWP-WAf secretariat to get an alternative power source based on solar energy technology to supplement it needs in Energy. The secretariat is based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso where power cuts are very frequent during the hottest period of the year, from March to June every year .

Most of the offices have installed power generators working with fuel. GWP WAf secretariat made the option for solar energy.

Since November 2014, a brand new installation was made by a local company in Burkina of a solar energy system that can stand up to five hours of power solution when the regular energy source is not working. The system will input up to 2500 Watts in the electricity used (reducing therefore the electricity bill) and will also allow all machinery (computers, photocopiers, printers) to work and light be available in the offices. If the fans (not air conditioners) are on the stand up time may come down to 2 hours of back up.