Finance mapping validated by Burkina Faso Executive Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund

To help public and private actors, NGOs and associations and local authorities to seize climate financing opportunities that exist at the national and international levels, the Executive Secretariat of the Green Climate Fund in Burkina Faso (SE-FVC/BF) has undertaken the realization of a climate finance mapping.

The study carried out aimed at mapping the sources of financing for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The study should help to provide a database that distinguishes between sources of climate finance according to their envelopes, their areas of eligibility, their selection criteria, etc.

A workshop to validate the "Climate Finance Mapping " was held in Ouagadougou on 20 October 2021. The workshop brought together various stakeholders to validate the document produced.

The study classifies the actors in the mobilisation of climate finance into three categories, namely: the state, project / programme holders; and donors.

The financial instruments that are often used for climate finance are: grants, concessional loans, green bonds, equity investments, repayable grants, and payment based on results.

The different financing mechanisms are public finance, International finance (bilateral and multilateral) and Private finance.

Some difficulties related to the mobilisation of funds by the actors are among other things the lack of knowledge of these funds, the lack of mastery of the frameworks of these different funds, the language barrier for the majority of these funds.

Recommendations include disseminating climate finance opportunities and resources for mobilising these opportunities, building the capacity on national mobilisation tools (NAP, NDC, etc.), strengthening the mobilisation of internal resources, strengthening the capacities of actors in the identification, design and management of climate projects/programmes.