WAEMU and GWP-WA held a regional workshop on Water governance and SDGs at local level

The Department of Agriculture, Water Resources and Environment of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU/UEMOA) Commission in collaboration with Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA) held a virtual regional workshop on the theme of ''Water Governance and Sustainable Development Goals: progress and challenges at the local level in the WAEMU region''.

This workshop is part of the implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Action Plan 2019-2030 in the UEMOA region, which contributes to the achievement of the objectives of the Common Environmental Improvement Policy (PCAE) of UEMOA and the West African Water Resources Policy (WAWRP) of ECOWAS. It brought together about thirty participants on the Zoom platform from the eight countries of the UEMOA space and representing the public administration and local authorities.

UEMOA Member States are all facing challenges related to water governance that refers a set of political, social, environmental, economic, and administrative systems put in place to regulate the development and management of water resources and the provision of water services.

To contribute to meeting these major challenges in the countries, the Common Environmental Improvement Policy (PCAE) adopted in 2008 by WAEMU and the West African Water Resources Policy (WAWRP) adopted the same year by ECOWAS provide great space to water resources governance and, in particular, to the promotion of IWRM.

The regional workshop is held as a contribution to the implementation of the IWRM Action Plan 2019-2030 in the UEMOA region to foster the improvement of water governance at the local in order to boost the achievement of water and sanitation related SDGs in the countries of the region.

GWP-WA facilitated the workshop and mobilized the expertise that animated the works. Participants welcomed and appreciated well by expressing their satisfaction and ensured that they would capitalize the information and knowledge acquired.

WAEMU, GWP-WA and ECOWAS/WRMC agreed to make a follow up with other initiatives and trainings already planned for this year.