Benin Parliament votes Law on climate change regulation

Benin has taken an important step in its efforts to prevent, protect and manage the consequences of climate change that could affect the population in the short, medium and long term. Benin's National Assembly adopted the country's national legislation on 18 June 2018 to: (i) combat climate change and its negative effects and consequences and increase the resilience of living communities (ii) support effective response, adaptation and mitigation measures by setting specific targets for sustainable economic and social development, security and energy efficiency, in accordance with the specific provisions of national and international legal instruments on climate change.

For the Minister of the Livelihoods and Sustainable Development, Mr. José Didier Tonato "This is a major achievement for Benin to adopt this law and the Government supports this approach”. Speaking to the parliamentarians at the end of the vote Minister José Didier Tonato said that through this act, the National Assembly allows Benin to align itself with international requirements in climate change management but above all this puts the country in pole position of countries, which are in compliance with the United Nations Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement.

In the framework of the continued implementation of the WACDEP (2017-19) CWP-Benin intends to work to support activities aimed at the appropriation of the content of the law by stakeholders in the water sector on the one hand; and the integration of water security and climate resilience in all strategic policy documents of programmes and projects at the national, regional and local levels as well as sectors related to water on the other hand.

When the law is signed by the President of the Republic, it will enter into force for its active implementation phase with the adoption of the various implementing regulations.