CWP Niger and ARSEau work together to improve collaboration

A delegation from Niger's Country Water Partnership ((CWP) led by its Chair, Dr. Nazoumou YAHAYA, accompanied by Mr. Sani Ayouba, CWP Treasurer, was received this Thursday, February 1, 2024 by the Director General of the Water Sector Regulatory Authority (ARSEau), Mr. Almoustapha Garba. Almoustapha Garba, accompanied by Mr. Arzaké Ibrahim Abdoulaye, Head of the Technical Facilities Department, and Dr. Ibrahim Diolombi MAHAMADOU, Head of Communication and Public Relations Unit of ARSEau.

The aim of the meeting was to exchange views on how to set up a collaboration framework with a view to signing an Operational Partnership Protocol (OPP) between the two institutions working to develop Niger's water sector.

This collaboration between ARSEau, a structure set up by the Government of Niger to regulate activities in the water sector in the country, ensuring the application of the legislative and regulatory texts in force, and CWP Niger, a civil society structure, will give greater visibility and impact to the action of good governance of water resources in this country. ARSeau is an independent administrative authority, distinct from any other structure involved in the production, transport, distribution and operation of water.

The CWP is the country branch of the Ouaga-based Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA), which is part of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) network based in Stockholm, Sweden.