CWP Senegal involved in the preparatory process to 9th World Water Forum

The Country Water Partnership (CWP) of Senegal is involved in the preparations of the 9th World Water Forum to be held in Dakar, Senegal in March 2021.

The CWP had a meeting with the Executive Secretariat of the Forum to express its availability and has designated representatives to take part in the Forum’s priorities actions groups taking into account the various colleges/categories of its members.

The CWP is co-coordinating the cooperation priority action group F on “Enhance multi-stakeholder dialogue and partnerships, including with outside sectors”. It is represented in other action groups such as the Governance action group B on “Implement the principles of good water governance, including participatory decision-making” as well as the pilot group on means and tools.

The CWP is also a member of the National Committee established for the preparation of the Forum. The CWP Senegal is carrying out numerous initiatives in the framework of the preparations for the Forum with the objective to develop 3 to 4 consolidated actions or initiatives that will delivered during the Forum.