IDMP follow-up mission to Mali

GWP-WA and CWP Mali carried out a mission in the villages concerned by the pilot projects in the rural commune of Gouendo from 4 to 8 June. The mission confirmed the expected results in the project document, in particular the capacity for the beneficiaries to make their own compost and to spread it rationally through the zai method.

The farmers contacted were satisfied with what they learned about CES / DRS (Soil and water conservation / Soil defense and restoration). They are determined to continue applying this knowledge for the 2017 rainy season with or without the project. In addition, the mission had a meeting with the Sahel Institute (INSAH), based in Bamako, to exchange ideas on ways of working together for the post-2017 phase.

Following this mission, Mali CWP and its partners have adopted the internal statutes and regulations of the National Platform for Integrated Drought Management in Mali during a meeting on 15 June 2017 in Bamako.Groupe Gouendo