IDMP in Burkina Faso, need to advocate for fundraising

The CWP Burkina Faso held the 2nd meeting of the core group of the platform on Friday 18 November. The exchanges focused on the various fundraising activities carried out, on institutional anchoring, on the organization, operation of the platform and the revision of the texts.

There is a delay on the calendar and a letter was sent to the Ministry of Water for an exchange meeting with the SP / IWRM which is in favour of setting up the platform.

Site BFAdvocacy activities with the partner structures and their financial solicitation are still ongoing and it has been proposed to approach the CNRST for its participation in the implementation of the platform.

Discussions also focused on the need to capitalize on all efforts and persevere in advocacy, going to partner structures with concept notes consisting of headings that could interest them and keeping in touch with the structures that can accompany the platform and their activities. Emphasis was placed on convincing design of solid projects and increased communication for greater visibility of the platform.

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