IDMP Mali, field visit rises interest of partners

The CWP Mali made a guided visit to Gouendo on 16 and 17 November. The visit made it possible to interact with the beneficiaries to obtain their feedback on the pilot project, to know the peasants' perception of the project and to suggest areas for improvement.

This guided tour allowed members of the national platform who made the trip to inquire about the state of implementation of the demonstration project in the rural commune of Gouendo. Field visit MaliThe project attracted a lot of enthusiasm from the populations, especially the youth. The first results are already perceptible such as the application of techniques like the Zaï and the half-moons on bare soils, the regrowth of the herbs and the heading of the cereals despite the early stop of the rain. It emerged from the interview and the field visit that the pilot farmers managed to describe the composting technique and thanks to restoration techniques, about 8 hectares were recovered.

Champs GouendoAfter the field visit the exchange meeting on the national platform on the development of project ideas for the continuation of IDMP was held. Three project ideas were proposed, one on the complementary irrigation of rainfed crops proposed by the national directorate of hydraulics (DNH) was discussed in a participatory way with all the members of the national platform. Since the idea is being implemented in Burkina Faso, IDMP should develop actions to facilitate its application in Mali in the Gouendo area. The techniques applied in the implementation are those of the 3R Approach (retention-recharge-reuse) with rainwater harvesting basins to complete the rainy season in case of early rainfall stoppages. The idea was enchanted by the participants who chose it, in addition to the one aimed at strengthening the pilot activities of CES and CRS for adaptation to climate change in the rural municipality of Guendo through the efficient management of water resources and Fertilizers according to conventional techniques.

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