IDMP pilot action beneficiaries in Niger satisfied

The Integrated Drought Management Project (IDMP) manager, Ms Félicité Vodounhessi made a follow up mission in Niger where she visited the Torodi pilot project beneficiaries. This project involves the development of the irrigated crop site for the women in the village of Kankantouti.

This arrangement makes it possible to practice irrigated crops during the dry season, which was previously unavailable, to improve yields and to increase the cash income of women members of the Union. A focus group was carried out with the beneficiaries and an interview with one of them. The overall satisfaction among the beneficiaries was noted, with an increased number from 35 to 69 women on the site. The beneficiaries also mentioned a saving of time and the protection of the crops the animals that destroyed them before. In addition, with the digging of two (2) wells and the installation of the reservoirs water is made available in quantity all the time.

RamataResults given by some beneficiaries like Ramata Ali show that before the IDMP she used to harvest on her plot 8 bags of onions of 100 kgs and now she harvested 10 bags of onions of 100 kgs meaning a 25% gain. Ms Aichatou Harouna moved from 7 bags of onions of 100 kgs + a recipient of 40 kgs to 9 bags of onions of 100 kgs + 2 recipients of 40kgs, a 33% gain with IDMP. As for Aichatou Harouna, she used to grow cabbage on 100 plots that she would sell for CFAF 3, 500 before. With IDMP, on the 7 plots where she grew cabbage, she harvested five and sold the crop for CFAF 25,000 meaning that her revenue was CFAF 5,000 for one plot.

pepinièreThe mission noted a great satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the pilot actions at the Kankantouti site. The sustainability is ensured since the Union has set up a fund for the maintenance of the investments (wire fencing, wells, reservoirs) and their security during the rainy season. Visiting ICRISAT installation allowed to discuss and come to an agreement in principle with this specialized institution for their technical support for the IDMP forthcoming phase.