Focusing youth: diving the Young professionals into GWP WA work

After their recruitment as Technical Assistants, the two Young Professionals started the six-month internship on Monday 16th July 2018. The following day, they had an exchange session with the GWP-WA staff in order to get them to know the GWP network better and be familiar with the ongoing and planned actions and projects at regional and country levels.

They will have the opportunity to work on some of the activities and to elaborate the roadmaps of the various activities they will have to carry out for the first three (3) months of their internship.

GWP WA’s Executive Secretary, Mr. K. Armand HOUANYE, congratulated and encouraged the two Technical Assistants and asked them to share their expectations to be incorporated in those of the GWP-WA during their stay.

The day session was an opportunity to go with them through various presentations on the GWP including GWP-WA, the history and achievements in the region, the communication activities, the portfolio of ongoing operations and prospects, the administrative and financial procedures and their implications for the internship.