Mékrou project phase 2 Niger establishes WUAs and trains their members and those of the WLCs

The IWRM approach is relatively new in Niger and its implementation requires the information, sensitisation and organisation of the parties concerned at different levels (villages, Communes and sub-basin) for the setting up of appropriate bodies to protect and manage water resources with for the socio-economic development at the sub-basin level.

The diagnosis carried out on IWRM knowledge shows a real need for capacity building of the different stakeholders to enable them to fully accomplish their tasks.

The project implementation team has undertaken a series of training sessions to build the capacities of the members of the IWRM bodies, in particular the Water Users Associations (WUAs) set up in the Mekrou sub-basin in Niger, and to train their members together with those of the Local Water Committees (LWCs) of the three communes in the project implementation area.

The training sessions took place on 15 and 16 November 2021 in Falmey, 17 and 18 November 2021 in Kollo and 19 and 20 November 2021 in Say. The training of the members of the LWCs took place on 22 November in Bangoula Tillaberi. About forty (40) participants took part in each training session including representatives of departmental governmental structures (Hydraulics, Environment, Rural Engineering, Agriculture), two local elected officials of each of the Project's intervention Communes or their representatives, representatives of water users' associations (WUA) of 5 villages of each of the communes of the Mekrou sub-basin in Niger, representatives of national and international non-governmental organisations intervening in the Project area.