NEXUS, GWP WA to collaborate with NBA GIZ support project

The NBA GIZ Nexus support project organized in Niamey a regional workshop on the consultation and awareness-raising on the intersectoral aspects (nexus) of the operational plan of the NBA on 19 and 20 June 2018. GWP WA took part in the meeting in view of exchanging meeting participants and the project manager of the GIZ Support Project for the Niger Basin Authority (NBA) who is also the NEXUS (Water-Energy-Food Security) Global Dialogues Representative in the Niger Basin.

The meeting facilitated by a group of consultants was mainly focused on analysing the actions of the NBA Operational Plan to take into account the Nexus aspects in order to identify the weaknesses and strengths. This led to the identification of main risk factors that could potentially affect the implementation of the NBA vision and assessed the potential impacts of these risk factors on water, energy, food and the environment in the basin. Each country was able to map the activities of the Operational Plan as well.

Many areas of possible collaboration exist between this project and the GWP WA Nexus initiative that was launched in December 2017 in Bamako. The two initiatives are discussing on the signature of an MOU on ongoing and future actions.