Niger, IDMP project allows time gain to very busy women

The IDMP PM made a field visit accompanied by the Permanent Secretary and Communicator of the Niger CWP on November 22 in the rural municipality of Torodi. The project focus the development of the site of irrigated crops for the benefit of the women of the village of Kankantouti.

This arrangement makes it possible to practice irrigated crops which were not possible before, to improve yields and to increase the monetary income of the women members of the Potol Union.Femmes sur le site à Kankantouti

A focus group was carried out with the beneficiaries and an interview with the person in charge of the association. This resulted in an overall satisfaction of beneficiaries who said they had an estimated time gain of one month and a half on the sowing period of nurseries. In the past, they were obliged to contribute 150,000 CFA francs to carry out a dead hedge to preventing animals to enter in the site.

Women on the site

They also mentioned the availability and proximity of water thanks to the two modern wells drilled and the 6 basins that facilitate irrigation. While thanking IDMP WA, the beneficiaries gave their assurance on the maintenance of investments for the sustainability of the pilot action. The association which has operated the site in a precarious way for some twenty years now will closely take care of it.

The mission revealed a remarkable evolution and satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the pilot actions at the Kankantouti site.

The meeting with the PGIS core group in Niger provided an opportunity to better explain the start of the process of drafting project concept notes in the field of IDM, a process that will continue in 2017. Finally, the opportunity was seized to discuss some outstanding issues with AGHRYMET and start preliminary exchanges with a regional institution for future joint actions.Group pic Niger