Operational planning of AIP-WACDEP-G implementation in West Africa

GWP-WA and CWP Benin organized together with the Executive Directorate of the Volta Basin Authority (VBA), the Ministry of Living Environment and Sustainable Development (MCVDD) of Benin through the General Directorate of the National Environment and Climate Fund (FNEC) and the Directorate General for the Environment and Climate (DGEC) as well as the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEE) through the General Directorate of Water (DGEau) of Benin the workshop for the operational planning and follow-up of the implementation of the WACDEP-G activities in Benin and at regional level for 2021.

The workshop, which was held from May 10 to 12, 2021 in Koubri (Burkina Faso), is part of the implementation of the Water, Climate, Development and Gender Equality Component (WACDEP-G) of the African Water Investment Program (AIP) 2020 - 2022 in Benin and at the regional level in West Africa.

2021 will the see an acceleration of the pace of implementation of the program activities both in Benin and at the regional level according to the annual work plan developed.

This was an opportunity for the regional and national program implementation teams to establish the methodological approach for the operational implementation of each activity, taking into account the guidelines developed at the pan-African level. The key actors agreed on the methodological approach to ensure effective implementation of WACDEP-G in Benin and at the regional level in West Africa.

Discussions and reflections allowed participants who are key stakeholders to have a harmonized understanding of the overall approach and implementation guidelines of the program and the 2021 annual work plan for Benin and the region. They came out with finalized operational implementation plans for both Benin and the region. Recommendations are made to ensure smooth implementation of the program and to address related challenges.

Commitments were taken by institutional actors to support the implementation of the project.