Regional Programme on Youth Employability GWP to partner for synergy and impact

GWP/WA in collaboration with its partners IUCN, VBA, Eau Vive Internationale and IRC has started coaching young professionals through its regional programme for the employability of young people in jobs related to water security and climate resilience, which is implemented through the Integrated Drought Management Project in West Africa (IDMP-WA), #TonFuturTonClimat initiative, the Nexus & Food and Nutritional Security Programme and the Water Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP).

About twenty of the best young graduates selected among a hundred candidates for the posts of the two young professional assistants took part in an exchange and information workshop on the integrated water resources management process and the professional integration of young people in West Africa.

The workshop improved the participants' knowledge on the IWRM development processes in the region as well as the related opportunities in terms of promising occupations for young professionals. This practical training has also increased young professionals' knowledge of how to organize themselves to face challenges for applying to these opportunities.




ClotildeI learned a lot, especially things we were never told about at school related to current events. What I particularly liked is that you help us to improve what we are doing to be better. It is not each of us who will be retained but we leave here with something that will help us in our job search. Thank you for that!

 Kaboré Anissa

AnissaI would like to thank the initiative from which I can clearly define to someone what Integrated Water Resources Management is, whose four main principles I have understood. We applied and then you called us in to give us keys, basics that once we put them into practice will help us move forward. Thank you!

Aicha Ouédraogo Aicha " I leave this training with a lot of knowledge and especially advice and relationships. I will do everything to stay in touch with the comrades I have met here so that we can push each other by putting the job search tips into practice.

 AbdoulAbdoul Bayili "I took part in several recruitment processes before but this is really a first where we are informed about good practices and attitudes to adopt before a recruitment jury. I had some IWRM knowledge but there I really improved my knowledge about IWRM and got in touch with the organizations in the sector I was expecting to talk about without really knowing what they were actually doing.

LamineLamine PODA: "I didn't know GWP, this training allowed me to do it and learn new things that will help me outside this training.

SClarisseomé Clarisse "With this training, I knew what it is that Nexus is the link between different sectors and have an open mind.  I didn't know there were so many jobs related to water, especially with all the comrades here. It allows me to project myself into the future and to have other perspectives. This kind of initiative should be encouraged