SDG /SP, Mali stakeholders validate study on National Water Council revamp

The National Directorate of Water (DNH) together with the CWP Mali organized on May 17, 2021 the validation workshop of the provisional report of the study on the status of the operation of the National Water Council (CNE) of Mali and the new draft text of the CNE.

The study and the national validation workshop are part of the implementation in Mali of the GWP and Partners Global SDG Support Program. The review focused on the presentation of the CNE, its functioning and the difficulties and constraints related to its non-operation. The main difficulties and constraints include institutional constraints, financial and material constraints, communication constraints, legislative and regulatory constraints and strategic constraints.

To revitalize and strengthen the capacities of the CNE, the consultant recommends that appropriate solutions be found to overcome these various constraints. Proposals include provision of positioning and adequate headquarters and the necessary staff, provision of financial resources, implementation of a communication plan, revising some provisions and elaboration of a strategic plan.

The ceremony was chaired by the representative of the Minister of Mines, Energy and Water of Mali, Mr. Drissa SAMAKE, Technical advisor of the Minister.