Some achievements of the implementation of Mekrou Project

The security situation in the project area coupled with the health crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic affected the start of the project implementation.

Indeed, the Mekrou River sub-basin in Niger concerns the western part of the Dosso region and the south-western part of the Tillabery region, an area that is very much impacted by insecurity problems, which slowed down or even caused the cancellation of some activities such as the official launch of the Project which was scheduled to take place in Kollo in the Tillabery region.

Notwithstanding this, GWP-WA in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Sanitation through the Permanent Secretariat of PANGIRE NIGER, has carried out activities with concrete results that can be summarized as follows:

- The mapping of the actors of water resources management of the sub-basin of the Mekrou and its zone of influence in Niger;

- The establishment of the territorial diagnosis of water resources management with the constraints and the priorities of planning and development of the said water resources in the Niger portion of the Mekrou sub-basin and its zone of influence;

- The inventory of the water resources and the optimization (densification) of the data collection and management networks (pluviometric, hydrometric, piezometric and water quality) in the Mekrou sub-basin in Niger and its zone of influence;

Mekrou- The finalization of the Water Development and Management Plan (SAGE) of the Mekrou sub-basin in Niger;

- The purchase and installation of equipment for the collection and management of rainfall, hydrometric, piezometric and water quality data in the Niger portion of the Mekrou sub-basin and its area of influence;

- The identification of concrete integrated activities for the development and protection of natural resources in the Niger territories of the Mekrou sub-basin;

- The methodology for the elaboration of a territorial diagnosis and a SAGE that can be reproduced in Niger and in the West African sub-region;

- The organization and the animation of the frameworks of consultation between the actors of the IWRM of the two regions (mobilization of the actors for their participation, workshops of restitutions and exchanges on the results of the studies carried out);

- The establishment of Water Users Associations (WUA) and Local Water Committees (LWC) in the three communes;

- Training of the members of the WUAs and the LWCs;

- The establishment of the Water Council of the sub-basin agency, in accordance with the guidelines of the PANGIRE Niger document.