Strong mobilization of stakeholders at the launch of TFTC 2 in Burkina Faso

The Country Water Partnership (CWP) of Burkina Faso launched the TFTC2 project on May 27, 2021 at the Komki -Ipala town hall. This second phase of the project, which will run from 2021 to 2023, was built on the experience of the first phase of the Tonfuturtonclimat project.

The identification of the new project site in the commune of Komki-ipala was piloted by CWP-BF based on the experience of the Integrated Drought Management Project in West Africa (IDMP WA).

With TFTC 2, CWP-BF aims to support the Mixed Association Kolweogo to improve its capacities of adaptation and those of the young local populations of Komki -Ipala to the effects of climate change by promoting good practices in sustainable land management, adaptation to climate change and biological conservation.

Preparatory missions have helped mobilize the various authorities (mayor of the commune, chief of the village of Komki Ipala, heads of decentralized services, etc.) who have welcomed the project and have taken ownership of it, as evidenced by their mobilization and participation in the launching ceremony on May 27 at the meeting room of the town hall of Komki Ipala. The TFTC2 project promises to relieve the Kolweogo association in the fight against the crucial problem of water with actions such as the realization of the drilling, the establishment of income generating activities within the agro forestry park and the holding of different trainings and sensitizations around their achievements and the different obstacles that could persist.