Sustainable management of shared aquifers

Experts from Member States, Transboundary Basin Organizations and Regional Organizations work together to build capacity and define strategic and operational actions to be implemented.

The WAEMU Commission, with the support of the Global Water Partnership West Africa (GWP-WA) and other partners, is organizing a regional workshop on "Concerted governance and sustainable management of shared aquifers". The event, which kicked off on September 28, 2023, brings together over fifty (50) participants from WAEMU member countries, basin organizations, regional and international organizations (OSS, GWH, CILSS, etc.) and resource persons.

The water needs of more than half the world's population and a large number of socio-economic activities depend on national and transboundary groundwater resources. Pressure on groundwater resources is increasing as a result of changing consumption patterns, the growth of the world's population and the corresponding needs for agriculture, drinking water supply, industry, energy, etc.

The economic, social and environmental stakes of concerted governance and rational management of shared aquifers are considerable.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, GWP-WA Executive Secretary Armand HOUANYE declared: "The GWP Network, given its niche, has proven expertise in all aspects of integrated and concerted management of water resources, whether surface or groundwater. That's why we see this meeting as a good opportunity to support the UEMOA Commission in sharing experience with all global, regional, cross-border, national and even local players".

This initiative is part of the implementation of the West African Water Resources Policy (PREAO), the Common Environmental Improvement Policy (PCAE) and the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Action Plan 2019-2030 in the WAEMU region.

 This prompted Mr Christophe DEGUENON, Director of Environment and Water Resources, to say on behalf of his commissioner that "this workshop aims to build the capacities of stakeholders from the Union's Member States and Transboundary Basin Organizations on effective governance and sustainable management of shared aquifers, and to federate efforts to implement appropriate responses to concerns related to effective governance and sustainable management of transboundary aquifers. As a reminder, this workshop is part of the implementation of the WAEMU IWRM Action Plan”.

Opened on September 28, 2023 by the WAEMU Commissioner in charge of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, represented by his Director, the two-day workshop will end on September 29, 2023.