Follow up missions of the Secretariat

Two missions of the secretariat were undertaken in Niger and Burkina to follow up on the recommendations of the audit report for 2014 and to see how ta carry out projects both wth the Dori and Tera municipalitie in Burkina and Niger.

The finance and Mekrou project managers went in Niamey on 12 and 16 April 2015 to work with the Niger CWP and host institution Eau Vive on the recommendations contained in the 2014 audit report on the implementation of the Mekrou project in Niger.



The second mission was conducted jointly by GWP / WA and IUCN-West and Central Africa Programme, to the border regions of Tillabery in Niger and Dori in Burkina Faso.

This mission was conducted as part of the development process of a joint project for the improvement of water governance, in connection with livelihoods of populations in a context of climate change, in the sub-basins of the Sirba and Gorouol, two sub basins of the Niger River.

Thus, the exploratory mission has ensured the adhesion of the main stakeholders, which leads pave the way, in the two regions, for multi-stakeholder exchange meetings to gather and analyze the information necessary for the project's feasibility. The concept note is being prepared.