The SDG 6 IWRM Stage 1 Support Package

The Support Package provides guidance and tools on how countries can design and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes aimed at monitoring and reporting of SDG indicator 6.5.1. The goal is to employ SDG 6.5 national monitoring and reporting frameworks to identify, through multi-stakeholder consultations, critical areas for attention that hinder progress on IWRM.

The Support Programme assisted 61 countries in 2020 and 36 countries in 2017 in organising national multi-stakeholder consultations to gather country data for SDG indicator 6.5.1. 

The Support Programme provides technical assistance as well as financial support to convene these consultations and completing the survey on SDG indicator 6.5.1, designed to allow countries to evaluate their degree of implementation of IWRM.

As part of the technical support that the Support Programme provides, we have designed a Support Package to guide the process. The Support Package is made up of a Process Guide and the following annexes which are open for public consultation. Additional annexes exist to request financial support, and will be made available upon request to 

Download the full support package below or each specific annex from the columns on the right:


Further support is provided through an online training course for facilitators, available in English, French and Spanish. The course is aimed at all those interested in organising a multi-stakeholder consultation process on SDG indicator 6.5.1. Read more here.