Identifying Challenges


 We assist governments in designing and implementing country-led responses to SDG indicator 6.5.1—the degree of implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)—as an entry point to accelerate progress towards the achievement of water-related SDGs and other development goals, in line with national priorities.


Where we are: Results Map

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Formulating Responses


The SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme aims to facilitate a government-led multi-stakeholder process to formulate and prioritise appropriate responses to those challenges. The result is typically an IWRM Action Plan, which constitutes a series of attractive investment opportunities to systematically guide the implementation of solutions to IWRM challenges.

Where we need to go: IWRM Action Plan Searcher

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Implementing Solutions


We synergistically bring together partners with shared objectives to plug-in their own complementary projects, initiatives, etc. 

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Stage 1 and COVID-19

Trinidad and Tobago reported their progress on SDG indicator 6.5.1 by bringing stakeholder consultations online to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Gender mainstreaming in IWRM

The concept of gender mainstreaming in IWRM is not new, but we are not advancing at the pace we need. How can countries accelerate progress?

How it all started

In early 2015 we started campaigning for water to become one of the Sustainable Development Goals - this is what GWP staff in Stockholm, Sweden, had to say.